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The first season of Game of Thrones infamously included many nude scenes, and for Daenerys Targaryen star Emilia Clarkeit unfairly followed her around for projects to come. Business Insider reports that the year-old actress recently sat down with Dax Shepard for his podcast, Armchair Expertsto promote her new film Last Christmas.


E milia Clarke had a headache. Her pink sofa is in her pink house, which is naked green and blue and muted shades of rust, and has a secret bar hidden in a courtyard shed, and an outdoor screening room heated by a wood-burning stove. By the stairs, amelia is visible in the plaster; the walls clark stripped back to the bone. She moved in after Game of Thrones ; in this and many ways, her life can be cleanly dissected into before and after. Before, Clarke, now 33, who grew up in Oxfordshire, had appeared in a single episode of the daytime soap Doctors. She was ambitious, optimistic and relentlessly cheerful.

After, after Game of Thronesand the death of her father, which shook her family, as did her life-threatening stroke, she is sitting on her pink sofa and contemplating a decade that changed her. She has extremely expressive eyebrows that appear ted — for every word Clarke says, and she says many, they add 15 more. It was a decade that contained the very best and very worst of a life, and one of the sensible things she tried to make of it was the founding of a charity, SameYouto provide treatment for people recovering from brain injuries and stroke.

It was only in order to promote the charity that, eight years after her stroke, she finally decided to talk about itin a piece for the New Yorker. If I am truly being honest, every minute of every day I thought I was going to die. It so happened that, the week before I went to meet her, I had a similar though less dramatic neurological diagnosis — when I tell her about it, for some reason my voice shakes. You know the worries. It always is, when you make yourself vulnerable. But the charity evolves with me.

I use it. Or, the decision was made for her. And, well, at the end it kind of did. So I kept my head down. Then, after the premiere, I finally was able to stop, and that was difficult.

Emilia clarke: game of thrones nude scenes were 'terrifying'

So, bloated and exhausted I went away for two weeks with my best girlfriend, [ The Good Fight star] Rose Leslieand it was in this retreat in India that I suddenly got it. This is what stopping feels like. And I was able to finally… be kind to myself. All this is recent. All this is really recent, with a new understanding of grief. Her beloved father, a theatre sound engineer, died of cancer in Then, when I finally let it go, I realised that was actually quite a heavy backpack to be wearing.

I felt like that at the Emmys, too, finally popping my head up from the bunker. Along with a good stroke, I add the loss of a parent to her list of recommendations.

Emilia clarke recalls being told to do nude scenes so she wouldn't disappoint 'game of thrones' fans

But it is something real you can actually hold on to. How is she dealing with that? And then being an actor and having a production company, knowing that the greater understanding I have about life, the greater storyteller I can be.

Every time I interview a famous person I leave feeling slightly high and slightly sad, because to enter their fabulous world also, inevitably, means you see the shadow of their cage. The imposed disconnect, for instance. And the constant smiling and the many locks. Clarke was catapulted to extreme fame during a period when she nearly lost her mind.

She started to find gifts outside her door, from one of many stalkers. One, she says, is extremely unwell, another extremely mean. I care about what art does to people. But it carries with it a responsibility, and when you leave your front door you take that with you. Her fanbase is due to change shortly, as she maps out her career without dragons. While it is a box-office hit, reviews have been… mixed.

Reader, I loved it. Clarke plays a woman whose messy life, it becomes clear, is partly a result of recent illness. Clarke with Thompson as her mother plays the youngest of a family of first-generation immigrants, dealing with the fallout of the referendum. Something she continues to search for, albeit with regular disclaimers of privilege, and embarrassment.

You have politicians pushing people to the absolute limits of their left versus right parameters, and the middle ground that we were all living in before is now wasteland, because both sides are life or death. It feels so much more polarised and extreme than ever. If I do, what will that kid feel like? But the fear has made her reassess her work, post- Game of Thrones.

People wanted to see something familiar, but also have that level of separation, through dragons and magic. Escapism is what lots of people go to art for.

Emilia clarke was told to get nude so ‘thrones’ fans wouldn’t be disappointed

She takes a sharp breath. I help provide relief. It takes a second before I realise she is waiting for an answer. Sun 1 Dec Reuse this content.

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Game Of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has said his former co-star Emilia Clarke's infamous rape scene in season one was "really tough and degrading" for the actress.


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Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke says she found the nude scenes "hard".


The actress, who played Daenerys Targaryen in Game Of Thrones, says there was a "tonne" of nudity in the first series.