American Gangster Nude Scene
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If you think what we do is worthwhile, please donate or become a member advertisement American Gangster R - 8. In s New Jersey, detective Richie Roberts Russell Crowe investigates the elusive Frank Lucas Denzel Washingtona heroin kingpin whose innovative business strategies revolutionized the drug trade. Having traveled to Asia's Golden Triangle in order to make connections, Lucas used the coffins of soldiers killed in Vietnam to smuggle heroin into the U. Directed by Ridley Scott.


The movie mostly sides, however, with the honest narcotics detective played by Russell Crowe, so it has a strong moral worldview throughout. There is also some strong, positive Christian content at the end that lifts the movie above other similar thrillers.

The movie opens in in New York City. An elderly black gangster in Harlem suddenly dies. After borrowing hundreds of thousands of dollars, he goes to Thailand.

There, he and his in-law travel into the jungle to meet with the top heroin grower in Southeast Asia. Soon, Frank is running a high quality heroin operation in Harlem. His packets of heroin, which he calls Blue Magic, are more pure and cheaper than the competition, the Italian Mafia.

While Frank is setting up his operation, Richie Roberts played by Russell Crowea Newark, New Jersey detective, is going to law school at night and working during the day. The team will be linked to the feds and will only track the big shipments.

Of course, Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe are equally mesmerizing in their respective performances, though Denzel may deliver the slightly better performance. The good news is that both men like to do movies with strong moral worldviews, and they even like to put positive Christian content in their movies.

The filmmakers apparently decided, however, that a conversion scene after this might be a bit too hokey or something.

This is a gritty urban story that would never be appropriate for any but the most mature older teenagers. Only a tiny portion of our readers give.

Thank you. Home Reviews Movies.

None Light Moderate Heavy Language. It opens in in New York City.

American gangster – nude scenes

Frank Lucas, played by Denzel Washington, sets up an operation in Harlem selling a more pure, cheaper form of heroin than the Italian Mafia. Meanwhile, Richie Roberts, an incorruptible Newark, New Jersey detective played by Russell Crowe, is going to law school at night and working during the day.

Richie eventually targets Frank, who has become so big that the Mafia works for him instead of the other way around.

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