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This is a true story. It is the story of my first incest experience with my brother. It happened when I was 14 years old, my brother was


My naughty sisters

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. This story is based on an actual event. It was ly published under another name and title on this site, but has since been removed. What follows is a shorter, slightly changed version.

‘naked sister’ stories

It still takes a while to get to the nude parts. Thanks for reading. As always, comments are encouraged. I want to tell you about something that happened involving my sister, Stacy, and me, several years ago. We had the typical story and sister relationship until one summer while we were in college.

When our vacations ended that year, we went back to the normal type relationship. Stacy is about 5 feet, 8 inches tall, weighs about pounds. She has brownish blonde hair that she wears in what I would call "maintenance free" style; that is, about shoulder length. I think one of her great attributes are her 34B breasts. I know their size; having sneaked a peak in her underwear drawer or laundry basket a couple of times. I was always afraid that and might have been placed in a particular manner, and my snooping would be discovered. I am Dan, and 14 months sister than Stacy.

I'm about 5 feet 11 inches, pounds. I've been told that I'm good naked. I'd attribute my muscle tone being due to my youth and an active lifestyle, which included playing sports. Stacy had graduated from high school, and had gone on to college. I truly missed her, and was happy to welcome her home on her weekend visits and semester breaks. The next year, I graduated from high school and prepared to start my own college career, at a different school. During that Summer, I had asked Stacy about college, to get a bit of an idea as to what I might experience. She answered my questions, although I knew my experiences would be different, me being a guy, and at a different school, but it gave me somewhat of an idea what to expect.

Stacy had taken a drawing class during Spring Semester, and I asked if I could look through her sketch brother.

Nude for sister

I started flipping through the s and saw drawing after drawing of nudes. Stacy told me that she had taken a Figure Drawing class, which required nude models. I didn't think much more about the subject, although I admit to wishing I could draw, and Stacy was my nude, or at least topless model. Anyway, Summer ended and we went off to our colleges. It was back to seeing each other for only a weekend per month on average, until our semester breaks.

My first semester passed uneventfully, although I would look at student employment postings. It was because of this I saw an ad for the Art Department, seeking models beginning the next semester. I remembered Stacy's sketch book, and made an appointment. I honestly thought I was attending an information session, but the questions being asked quickly made me realize that this was a job interview. I found myself being placed on the availability list.

Christmas break came and went, and it was back to school. The second week of the Winter Semester, I was called and asked if I was available to model for an Anatomy class.

‘naked sister’ stories

My first experience was going to be nude! I accepted, telling myself that based on my performance and personal comfort, this might be a once in a lifetime experience.

The instructor was aware of my total lack of prior experience as an art class model, but assured me that it wouldn't be a problem. He, and students in the class, had all worked with a first time model before, and that would be taken into consideration regarding poses and breaks.

I was naturally very nervous when it was time to drop my robe for the first time, but I was surprised at how quickly I relaxed, and actually enjoyed the experience. I was happy when the instructor asked me about my future availability.

I ended up working for five classes that semester, three for him, and twice for a Figure Drawing class, also nude.

A sister snuggles up in her brother’s bed one night and wakes up to the strangest sensations

During the semester break, I told Stacy about my experiences. She was surprised, but we really didn't talk about it very much. The break ended, and it was back to school for Spring Semester. Three weeks later, a tornado devastated our home town.

A sister snuggles up in her brother’s bed one night and wakes up to the strangest sensations

Mom and Dad were able to get a nice two bedroom apartment in an undamaged part of town. Stacy and I were home the first two weekends, trying to salvage stuff and adjust to the shock. We also had to get used to the idea that we had to share a bedroom. It was a good sized room, with a walk in closet.

A few steps down the hall was the bathroom we would share. Mom and Dad had the larger bedroom, with it's attached private bathroom. Stacy and I both acted a little like jerks as we tried to stake our turf, so to speak. In the end, we agreed that we both had equal rights to be in the room at any time, and we would just have to accept the loss of complete privacy, given the circumstances. Mutual respect would be most important.

Still, the first couple of nights, I had actually waited until she was in the room, ready for bed, before I would strip to my tighty whiteys and put on my gym shorts.

I would justify my behavior by telling Stacy that it was my room, and anyway, she had seen me in my underwear before. I also hoped she might decide to do the same thing for me. Actually, as far as sleepwear, I had begun to regularly sleep in the nude when I was about 15, but in college, I wore underwear, unless my roommate was going to be gone. Now, it was underwear and shorts. Stacy wore her usual panties and knee length shirt. I would try to act like I was a gentleman, letting Stacy shower first in the morning. Actually, it let me have an easily defendable excuse to lie in bed and watch her braless tits jiggle with her movements.

After the first week of sharing the bedroom, she began to regularly come back to the room fully dressed, except for her shirt, which she would get out of our closet after she had applied whatever makeup she was going to wear, and deodorant, so I got to check her out in an underwear bra maybe four days a week. Weekends were the exception, of course, since our parents were also home. In turn, she got to see me stripped to my tighty whiteys just about every day, or night at least. One morning, Stacy was walking out of the bedroom as I was getting out of bed. I was going to do my laundry that day, and wasn't expecting her back in the room anytime soon.

After she left, I stripped and took the short walk to the bathroom naked. After my shower, I wrapped my towel loosely around my waist and returned to the bedroom.

My naughty sisters

I went to the closet and got my laundry bag, and then walked over to the bed. As I pulled at the sheets, the combination of the loose towel and my walking around caused the towel to slip, and then fall. I ignored it, and then shoved it, along with my sheets, pillow case, underwear, shorts, and towel into the laundry bag. I looked at the dresser, and rather than get out a pair of underwear, picked up my comb.

My sister learned today

I had just started to comb my hair when the bedroom door suddenly opened. Stacy and I both jumped, startled by the other person's sudden appearance. Stacy looked down and then quickly looked up, her face showing embarrassment and amusement. Yes, I know.

I'm well aware of that little fact, and while yes, it is a little awkward to be standing like this in front of you, it's also a little late for modesty. Besides, I'm sure you've seen your share of naked guys by now. Stacy gave me a smile, another long up and down look, and then entered the bedroom.

I turned my back and combed my hair. As I put the comb down, I could see in the mirror that Stacy had her book, but she was just standing between the beds, treating herself to a back view of her naked brother. You came in to get your book.

You got it. I guess you can leave, now. Good bye. I'll see you downstairs. Stacy walked out of the room, but stopped at the door. Turning around to look at me, she said "You look very nice like that. I'm getting dressed. It's just the two of us here, you know. I think you should put your underwear back in the drawer, and me downstairs for breakfast. I'm perfectly fine with you staying just the way you are.

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Me just starting to mature at the ripe age of 16 was not ok with my younger little sister seeing my developing penis.


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I lay in my bed, shivering slightly in the cold late autumn night.


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