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  • My age:
  • 29
  • Caters to:
  • Hetero
  • I speak:
  • Spanish
  • What is my body features:
  • My body type is plump
  • I prefer to drink:
  • Stout
  • Other hobbies:
  • Travelling


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I turn a corner but I slip and land hard on my side.

Now that you mention it i suppose i have grown a little…

Instead of yanking me up, he lets go and stands tall, slapping both hands on his fat gut. Then as if by magic the buttons begin to strain as his belly balloons outward an inch or so. He grunts, looking down at it in disgust.

You are a pig! As he starts to step forward his belly expands again, but this time so do his thighs. I watch as the fabric stretches and the seams along the sides begin to tear.

The buttons on his shirt are ready to pop off. I sit there on the ground staring up at him in delight. He looks back down at me and sticks his chubby fingers under the collar of my shirt, pulling me along the ground and attempting to get me up. I fight it, pushing at his gut and kicking his shins.

I dont care if im full, a greedy pig gainer eats even if he is not hungry just to keep adding calories to his growing body 🐷 the feeling of stuffing myself when im full has become a bigger turn on the last days 😳

He uses his oversized belly to pin me in place, taking off his hat and rubbing his sweaty bald head. Suddenly I feel it happening again. The older fat bear of a man grunts and groans as he starts after me again. His uniform tears further with each step. Two more buttons on his shirt pop while his belt snaps open, allowing his gut to hang further out of his shirt. His thick beard is pushed outward as his neck balloons with blubber.

I smile wide and say it again. He looks to have gained almost 50 pounds already, possibly more. He stands there staring at me with his fearful eyes pleading for me to stop. Such a fat pig. Getting fatter, huh, pig? A hairy fat pad bulges under his heavy fat belly, his neck balloons out under his beard. Fat fucking pig!

I grab his soft hairy belly and feel it grow and grow and grow, covering his thighs and inching towards the ground in front of his knees. His butt fattens against his feet, covering them and reaching the ground as well. I keep going.

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Making him fatter and fatter. His hairy furry body now resembling a pillowy blob as I keep calling him a pig, over and over. Repeating the word as he gains pound after pound. Finally, I stop. His belly sticks out a whole 4 feet in front of him, obscuring his legs. His butt is over half the size of his belly, two fat and blubbery hairy cheeks rest behind him.

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He must weigh over pounds. Too fat to move. No more fat. Oops, its me.

Can we see a recent picture of you reclining in a chair in a tshirt with your belly hanging out, because the shirt doesn't quite reach the bottom of your big belly? From any and all angles. Your gut is inspiring!

To have the certainty that you are responsible for the fact that this mountain of fat continues to grow. Then encourage me to eat, tell me how it turns you on to be a witness of my expansion. Tell me what to eat for you and how you would fatten me up.

How fat would you make me? Would chubby be a limit for you or would you use every tumblr to feed me to let me become immobile. Encourage me to eat huge portions until the naked end? I want to hear what drives you to fatten someone like me. Perhaps it helps me understand why I feel this urge to get bigger and bigger, regardless of my health. I would love to eat and eat carefree and feel how I rise more and more like a yeast dough. I almost reach to get a fork, men my instincts tell me to just use my hands to get it down faster. This spell is really taking over.

I can barely think for myself. Ben just stands there and watches in delight, groping himself as I gulp down pudding. But after that I only focus on eating. More, more, more! Each bite fills a tiny space in the endless pit that is my stomach. The only thing keeping me tethered in reality is the clock on the stove.

I toss aside boxes of dry pasta, thankfully my brain knows well enough not to eat things like that. But I catch a glimpse of Ben heating up some water to boil it. That was fast. It feels like just moments ago he started it. Time seems to move faster when all I do is eat. Next thing I know Ben is rubbing my belly and whispering things in my ear.

Espreita lá

I need food. I need it!!

All I see are empty containers and trash lining the counters. I guess I better order you some pizza, fatty.

Now that you mention it i suppose i have grown a little…

How did all of that fit inside me? How is any of this fitting inside me?

I attempt to sit up but something big and round stops me. I look down to find a huge belly on my lap; my belly.

How long has it been? All I can do is moan and groan. I have more here for you. My belly expands like a balloon as I grow fatter and fatter. It must be years later. I struggle to sit up. Is that Ben? He looks so different. I look back down at myself, a blob of a man. I have to be over a thousand pounds. All I can do is wiggle my arms and legs, but barely. How did I get so fat? Fatter… fatter… fatter… more. Mmfff… not fat enough.

Need to be so… much… fatter. Can you hear me? Here, drink this. My boxers begin to tear along the sides as my rump grows exponentially. I must be over pounds by now and slowly losing my mobility. No m… no more. But the bear keeps feeding me. More and more and more.

Fatter and fatter and fatter. My boxers rip to shreds, leaving me completely naked but so fat that my junk is hidden entirely.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

My butt spre against the cold concrete floor, growing bigger and bigger with each chew. My belly expands in his hands, getting heavier and heavier and heavier. His thick fat hands poke at the head of my cock, teasing it gently.