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Actual sex on screen

The sex scene on the bed was nude extended in the US and Australian jane version following the head-to-waist shot depicting the sweating bodies of Willis and March with a scene showing Willis positioning himself behind March's rear. He later climaxed with a shriek, catching his breath as he leans towards the head of March who invites him to dress up for dinner.

The Italian version contains a dinner table scene in which Willis and March arousing each other with their feet, followed by Willis gently marsh March's toes as her feet make their way up his crotch, this scene is also featured in the Australian VHS version released by Village Rohow. The Australian Rohow Entertainment video release is the only way to see the film fully uncut in that country. It features the infamous "pool scene" where Willis's penis floats up next to Jane March's head when she is underwater.

US video and laserdisc versions include a R-rated director's cut with 17 minutes of footage deleted from US theatrical version; among restored scenes are a shot showing Bruce Willis completely naked and more sequences describing the lesbian relationship between Jane Marsh and Lesley Ann-Warren. The European version has a clear shot of Willis' penis as March kisses her way down his naked body in the pool scene.

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The pool scene has been slightly censored in the Italian theatrical release, but it was restored in the home-video version. The pool sex scene in the UK version is followed by extra footage showing Willis and March kissing each other on a sofa completely naked as they roll over and tumble onto the floor. The European version contains a scene in which March sings lullaby to Willis as he falls asleep naked on the bed.

March then rushes downstairs and leaves the house. In the US version, the scene where Willis and March have sex on the dining table follows the pool scene immediately. In the European version, the same scene takes place later before the two sunbath on the poolyard.

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The sex scene in the steamy shower between Willis and March follows the scene in which they stumbled onto the floor naked for the European version. That same scene was preceded by a scene absent in the European version in which March serves Willis dinner in the nude for the US version.

The French and Italian version show an extra shot absent in the US version of Willis diving into the pool before kissing his way up March's naked body. The kissing scene that preceded Willis and March plunging into the pool is slightly different for the US version where Willis says "I miss you" with March replying" This time, you won't miss. In the European version, he said he could recommend someone i.

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A top-angled view shot then shows March removes her red dress herself before diving into the pool jane she pulls the shorts off Willis so they can fondle each other completely nude. The US version steamy shower scene shows extra footage compared to the European version of Willis and March kissing with his hands on her breast before she runs hers down his sweaty rear. Another extra shot also follows with them kissing with March turning towards Willis so that she can straddle her legs around Willis' naked body and presses tightly onto him.

In the European marsh, the pool scene ends with a extra shot showing Willis lifting March out of water naked and placing her on the nude side and kissing her below the waistline area. In the US version, the pool scene ends with March kissing her way down Willis' naked body with his penis shot absentfollowed by a scene showing them caressing each other on the dining table fully exposed as he runs his hand down her butt. This dinner table sex scene in the European version precedes the pool sunbath scene which ends with Willis baring his scrotum beneath the towel.

The bubblebath scene in which Willis and March played with a toy tank naked is preceded by a different scene in different versions: US and UK - the scene where March shows up unannounced wearing only an apron. French, Italian - the scene not shown in the US and UK versions where she seduces him by laying her feet on his crotch as he massages them in the middle of dinner.

Uncut explicit mainstream sex scenes jane marsh videos

In one version, there is a scene where Casey leaves Capa a message on his answering machine, which is followed by the scene where Capa returns his phone call. Later, Capa climbs the building and discovers Casey's desecrated body. This scene has a different color-changing effect than what's shown in the US release. The french-kissing scene in front of the hotel was more extended in the US and Italian versions.

The bathtub scene in the US version is longer and more explicitly sexual. The same UK bathtub scene cuts into the lullaby singing scene right after Willis moaning that he needs some sleep.

In the US theatrical version, the woman who commits suicide giving fellatio to the gun's barrel is cut. In the US video version, it is restored.

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