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American singer Macy Gray has fulfilled her pledge to perform nude - by stripping during her London concert on Monday night. The Sweet Baby star, 33, appeared naked behind a chair on stage at the capital's Coronet venue during a sterling rendition of Nina Simone's Feeling Good - where she was photographed for a book set to be released next year to raise funds for AIDS in Africa. Gray - real name Natalie McIntyre - reappeared on stage afterwards dressed in a black coat and pyjamas to sing a string of songs including Sexual Revolution, Oblivion and I Try. Subscribe to unlock unlimited digital access.


The star's new holiday retreat features six beaches and two cottages, according to People magazine. Realtor John Christie, who sold the hideaway to the actor, is refusing to give up price or name details about Depp's new island, but he confirms the retreat is only accessible by seaplane.

And representatives for Gray insist her outrageous feat marks the first time an artist of her stature has taken on such a daring act for charity. It is a very sexy statement. The gig will take place at the tiny Coronet venue in Elephant and Castle, south London -- her first UK gig in two years.

The Oscar winner's fourth wife Pietra has remained such close friends with Thornton that the two often have been reported to be back together. And now she's playing happy families with her ex and his girlfriend Connie Angland -- while her home in Malibu, Calif. The pop star -- who stunned the showbiz world when she wed school pal Alexander in a rushed Las Vegas ceremony in January, only to have the marriage annulled 55 hours later -- has hired celebrity planner Yifat Oren to lay on the best party possible when she walks down the aisle with dancer Kevin Federline in November.

A source tells Six, "She's versatile, so if Britney decides to do something in keeping with her Louisiana roots, Yifat has also been known to use gingham tablecloths and burlap napkins for a more rustic look. The star is desperate to avoid the stereotypical images associated with weddings, and is adamant she won't be walking down the aisle in white. However, she's planning to exclude her famous pals from the wedding party, preferring instead to enlist her old school pals as her bridesmaids, according to Britain's Daily Star newspaper.

A source says, "Britney wants to wear something different and has refused a white dress. She has been dropping hints that she will wear bright red.

Macy gray topless. leaked!

Everybody who is playing a part has been asked to keep it quiet, but two of the groomsmen are thought to be dancers from her tour. Stone hopes her claims that the documents were obtained illegally will prevent them from being used to support new evidence accusing the actress of issuing so many over-the-top requests, studio bosses were forced to abandon the project.

It's reported one of Limato's three assistants was always listening on another line and typing notes of the key points that came up in their chats about the ill-fated movie. Stone's lawyers are now trying to suppress the "Conversation Reports," claiming they violate California's penal code.

But lawyers for Vajna and Kassar counter the reports are "among the most probative and powerful evidence in the case -- providing a telling of what really happened, and what witnesses in this case really said at the time. The Canadian-born beauty penned the plea to Goeran Persson -- who only last month received a similar letter from Anderson's ex-love, Swedish model Markus Schenkenberg.

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In the letter published Thursday in Swedish newspaper Daily Expressen, Anderson pleas, "You should know that many people in the world look up to Sweden. Banning the fur industry will strengthen Sweden's reputation further. I also know that many people in your country are opposed to the fur industry.

Stopping this terrible practice is therefore a natural step for Sweden.

Behind the scenes at the mtv video awards

Persson's spokeswoman Anna Helsen says she believes the Premier will answer the blonde star's letter -- in good time. The Oscar-winning "Mystic River" star first saw Godfrey play in Memphis two years ago and was so mesmerized by his stage presence and music, Macy rushed to grey him perform in New York recently -- and dragged his big screen pals to the West Bank Cafe to share the nude experience.

Boston native Godfrey -- who spent 20 years working for the U. The rock singer, 61, will have his lovelife laid bare on British TV show "Mick's Girls," when six ex-lovers talk candidly about their bedroom adventures with the lothario. The jilted ladies include his first girlfriend, Chrissie Shrimpton, who says the jealous rocker often told her to leave London nightclubs.

Shrimpton -- who dated Jagger from to -- says, "I used to go to clubs in London and I would have a bar bill that he would pay but I had to go home at a certain time. I would be taken to the car and he would ring at home at 3 in the morning.

I kind of liked that. Sex therapist Natasha Terry -- who had a fling with Jagger in -- adds, "He would love to spank. I started laughing because I was never into spanking. Being with all these different people makes him feel young and gives him all this energy.

He has to get that satisfaction from bedding a lot of women at the same time. The unlikely couple sparked up a romance after meeting at a fashion awards party in London last month, and the ex-"Friends" favorite is so desperate to convert their mutual affection into a full-blown relationship, he's invited her to stay with him. Insiders tell Britain's Daily Star newspaper Schwimmer is more focused on his personal life now the year hit sitcom has wrapped. One says, "Tina and David just clicked so well.

Macy gray topless. leaked!

She'll be jetting out to California in August to spend time with him. He's got plenty more leisure time on his hands now and he wants to have fun. And she'd be mad to ignore the career prospects a city like L. The actress, 28, and her director husband Sam Mendes have had their application to build a porch and covered seating area for their manor house in the Cotswolds, south England, turned down by the local authority.

Planning committee councillor Sue Herdman says, "I'm not happy with what is proposed -- it does look like a shop front and to put on a flat rather than pitched roof is alien.

Builders are still at the luxurious home, hard at work on refurbishments that Winslet and Mendes did persuade planners to allow. The actress used to practice self-mutilation and suffered from anorexia at In later years she ate just one day in three and jogged 6 miles daily as her weight plummeted to approximately 84 pounds. However, with the help of boyfriend Adam Goldberg, Ricci has been able to fight her personal demons over her body. She explains, "I've accepted my body now.

Macy grey nude

When someone loves you and loves your body, you feel sexy. The troubled Olsen twin, who is fighting anorexia in rehab while rumors of cocaine problems circulate, dumped long-time boyfriend Matt Kaplan earlier this year. And, though they split on friendly terms, Kaplan has nixed the chances of a reconciliation by dating star Lohan, who turns 18 this weekend.

The latest love story contrasts stories that suggest Lohan is about to go public about her romance with actor Wilmer Valderrama. The former waiter says, "People saw her with Puffy in Miami and that began the whole controversy with her cheating behind my back, and it upset me a lot," reports Six. The British beauty, 34 -- who was clad in a skimpy bikini -- was surrounded by bodyguards who soon became overpowered by the lusting throng of men.

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Six reports that the fans broke through metal barriers and were intent on getting close to Campbell, before police intervened. The "24" star, who split from his second wife Kelly Winn, is refusing to reveal who his new girl is.

The Welsh singer has ignored British Gas' demands for payment, and last week an employee visited her Cardiff home to cut off her gas supply, but discovered the young star was absent. A source says, "It has gone way beyond the red-letter stage.

Macy gray nude pussy

She has completely ignored that and British Gas has heard nothing. But when he called, no one appeared to be home. Charlotte needs to act fast or she'll be struggling for a hot shower. The singer-turned-movie star, 16, has been spotted out and about with the Good Charlotte singer, 25, in Canada, where Duff is making a new film, "The Perfect Man," with Heather Locklear. Hollywood heartthrob Johnny Depp can now be private in the Caribbean after buying a new island.

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