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  • 28
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  • Chinese
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  • Short bushy brunet hair
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Whether standing up in defiance of an order or squaring off in sports, there comes a time in a boy's life when he has to test his dad. At Lil' Romeo's home in Houston, the Millers had been playing basketball for a few hours, and experience was winning over youth.


He also had some complaints about her dating choices. Plus, her Instagram posts were troubling to him as well. And they were never able to have a conversation before Romeo walked away from the show. In interviews, Romeo would later say that a lot of things shown on the show are fake. And he was never close to Angela.

He also said that the love triangle with Angela and Bow Wow was also faked for the show. Master P also spoke out. Since leaving the show, Romeo has been staying very busy.

While promoting it on social media, Romeo also posted a first listen of some of his new music. They took issue with the lyrics. After they called Romeo out, he responded.

Lady gaga, “do what u want, ft. r. kelly”

Your word is your bond. Now Master P. You was out of place your son is a Grown man you should have let him speak for hisself. You made him look weak. But I still like watching you guys on TV. Stop smoking and drinking so much. And tell Damon Dash stop smoking weed around his ant wife. Second hand smoke not healthy for the baby. I really like Romeo.

And he looks good doing his thing. How can you hate on that? Good for him! Romeo and Master P literally spent an entire season trying to get everyone to bow down to them. This rap song also shows how much of a hypocrite Romeo is too. Shannon, you are hilarious!

Young thug new album to face threats from adele

I am exactly on the opposite side of your views! Seriously tho. You know it takes a hypocrite to truly recognize another hypocrite. Maybe he is like the rest of us: tired, run down, trying to make it every day, and trying to be the best he can be. Maybe his present self is the best he can be. Take a chill pill already!! Your manipulative nature and word vomit does nothing over here.

Neither does your gaslighting. This song is gross and problematic.

The audacity and misogyny. He was master childish and also like they were beneath him and master p a grown man all in they business its not his business until someone wants to fight then protect your son. Jah Messiah, I never said I was an intellectual. My ancestors did all the work so I could be here today doing and thinking as I please. You will never silence me. Now your segment of the population tends to think men should have naked over women, and that is exactly why you come on here and take up for Romeo.

You identify with men like him who like to control and put down black women, as he did Angela. How ironic of you to tell me not to judge when Romeo spent the entire season judging everyone else, especially Angela. None of you have any power over me to upset me.

Like I already said, Romeo is a hypocrite. He spent the entire season preaching, texting Bible quotes, and talking about being a Christian just to turn around and glorify violence and promiscuity in his music. But I expect nothing less from people like you. He sure was Nicole Johnson. They were very pretentious and really believed the rest of the cast needed to fear and worship them.

Their fans agree, so they come on here and have meltdowns when they see any criticism of them. Willie D. Willie D, you called me a hater as you proceeded to hate on the Simmons family. The irony.

Fans: kanye, stop messing with donda!

Real is something he is not. I have higher standards. Some of you can be bought though, I get it. Shannon u so far off base, too funny. Your opinion tho, smh. Romeo has never portrayed to be a gangsta. Music is art, stop it.

The only person off base is you. Never said Romeo portrayed himself to be gangsta. Reading comprehension is clearly not your ministry. The song is awful period. Thank you Shannon.

Now he has some nerve talking about being judged when all he did was judge Angela and the other kids on the show! This song is not Christian naked So does he not have a right to voice his opinion as tho everyone seems to be doing here? I feel like some of you are being willfully obtuse here. Romeo was on the show judging people on that cast harshly. And the things he and Master P said about Angela were disgusting. So for him to come from that perspective and then make music like this which goes completely against the teachings of Christianity makes him a hypocrite.

No one on here has to sympathize with a hypocrite. Linda Johnson. Angela and the show full of crap, one show she was in Rome face, next show she in bow wow face, seen this coming years ago, Romeo was real of enough to see the foolery, dey master wanted to pin bow and Rome against each other. But u have a right to your opinion. Oh please. He sat up on the show and judged everybody and went on and on about being a Christian just to turn around and rap about hanging with killers and being promiscuous.

Lololol u really mad. That not cool.

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And other cast members have things they purposely refused to put on the show. Briana refuses to film with her son or mention him. Sam refused to put his kids on the show or his baby momma. Vanessa keeps her boyfriend off the show.

Tee Tee is not going to show her real career in the TV industry.

Romeo refused to put his mom on the show after her battle with drugs.

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But now I do not need to wonder anymore.


Rap mogul Master P 's son, Romeo Miller , recently heated up the Internet with alleged nude self-shot photos of himself, however, new reports claim the images are altered.