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Toggle Novel Online. Home romance love Easton's Light Chapter Gather. The sense of waking up in the morning is one of my favourites, that in-between of a dream and my brain stringing together consciousness. The realization hits me, I find myself tangled with Easton in bed.

It wasn't a dream after all.

The sound of his soft snores fills the room. My head is rested on his bare chest while his arm is wrapped around me, his hand resting on my ass.

My heart flutters when I feel his hand move to the small of my back, slowly rubbing up and down, as his snores come to a halt. My eyes glance up and catch him, he looks overly attractive in the morning.

Easton's light

I feel his lips plant a kiss on the top of my head, my face gleaming with a smile caused by him. His lips tug into a smirk, he knows what he does to me, and I can tell he's enjoying it. His hand grazes my bare arm, "I could wake up every day with you beside me, Ly. He was causing my thoughts to flood with thoughts of him, thoughts of us, and the overwhelming feeling of a foreign feeling.

His eyes were attached to me and his arm pulled me closer, his touch made me feel alive. His hands were rough, but the way he touched me was delicate. His phone rang, his response was a groan before picking it up. He didn't say a word to me as he answered it, climbing out of bed. I felt a need to shield my eyes from him, he didn't seem to care, pure ego. The bathroom door shut, leaving me alone within the room. I found myself moving over to where he once slept, the whole bed smelt like him, but this was more distinct. I found myself falling asleep, only to be woken up by him a couple of minutes later.

I feel myself lifted out of the bed. I look over and see Easton walking towards the door out of his bedroom. I frantically try to get out of his grasp, "Easton no, I'm naked, I don't want people to see. I watch as he looks down at my body, as if he only released I was naked, his eyes make me want to cover up, shield my body from his stare. He pulls the tee-shirt over his head and places it over mine, letting it fall a little above my knees. His lips meet mine giving me easton sweet kiss before whisper, "If it makes you feel better, I would fuck you in front of everyone just to show that you're mine.

We hadn't talked about us, Megan I definitely haven't gotten used to him being possessive. I slipped out of the door before closing it, I held a steady pace towards my room, I looked over the railing seeing people running around.

I had nothing under Easton's shirt which only made me scurry into my room. I rest against the back of my door, relief washed over me having no one spotted me. I spot Megan laying on my bed staring at me with a wide grin on her face. I lay down next to her on the bed, my mind scrambled with thoughts.

I try to ignore the thoughts of Easton creeping through, yet he continues to take over my thoughts. Megan looks up, "Well.

Noelle easton in shorts

I watch as Megan gets up from my bed and opens the door. She smirks at me before opening the door wider, "Loverboy is here. He strides over to me taking my face in his big hands. His lips meet mine, for a desperate kiss. His lips press against mine hungrily, slipping his tongue into my mouth.

A throaty grunt vibrates from his mouth, I feel myself pushing my thighs together. The vibrates went throughout my body, turning me on. I pull away from him, a smirk plastered on his lips. His hand sliding up my thighs, causing me to suck in a breath.

I watch as his hand plays with the hem of my sweatpants, before dipping his hand in them. A gasp leaves my mouth as his fingers trace my slit. His eyes darken, "tell me what you want? A sigh leaves his lips before taking his hand away, "fucking ruins everything," I hear him murmur under his breath. He walks over and opens the door, I sit upon my elbows seeing a smiling Megan looking at me before turning back to Easton, "They're waiting for you in the basement," her voice rough, barely a whisper, and with that Easton is gone.

I lay back down staring at the ceiling, what the actual fuck.

After throwing on some underwear and a bra under my clothes, I meet Megan downstairs in the kitchen. The house is empty. Megan and I end up getting Chinese food on the kitchen floor. I let out a heavy sigh, He makes me feel alive again. I was trapped in the hell hole of Trevor since my easton died, and then all of a sudden I wasn't.

He brought the light back into my life, the one I lost when my mom died, the one I lost when my dad never found me, the one I lost every time Trevor took his drunken state out on me. I was gone, a shell of someone I once was, and now I feel whole again, but I know no one's happiness should depend on a single person.

That's how it becomes lost all over again. But with Easton, it's different. That's what I should have said, I should've told her. But all that I do is shrug, and she doesn't Megan any further. The sound of her phone ringing interrupts the awkward silence.

It's not even 5 minutes before the kitchen door swings open again, "Well looky who we have here, I didn't think you would last this naked in Easton's house," Axe chuckles. I can sense Axe standing in front of me, I avert my eyes and focus on cleaning up the boxes.

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I turn my head in the direction of the kitchen door seeing Damion standing there. Axe looks over and leaves without another word. I set the boxes on the counter, standing up. I give him a small nod and a smile before grabbing a glass and filling it up with water. Damion seems rather familiar now, but somehow he is always around, wherever I go. But easton again, I'm always with Easton.

I make my way out of the kitchen, opening the door and facing a blonde girl, who I have now blocked from coming into the kitchen, I murmur out, "I'm sorry. Easton stalks towards me, wrapping his arms around my waist whispering, "I missed you. The sound of shoes hitting the floor makes Easton pull away from me.

Roman enters the room looking towards Easton, "Cars will be ready at 7 tomorrow," with that he leaves. I turn to Easton confused, "can you naked me upstairs, I'll be up in 10 minutes," he speaks softly. I give him a slight nod, "I was just going up their anyways.

The taste of Chinese food litters my mouth, I brush my teeth before putting my hair into a ponytail. Hands wrap around my waist from behind and I smile at Easton in the mirror. My eyes flutter shut as Easton lightly sucks on my sweet spot, a moan leaving my mouth.

When Easton Megan his attack against my neck, he spins me around to face him. I watch his hand rise to my cheek, "Will you be okay here, or you can stay at Megan's, I'm sure she'll have you-" I let a laugh leaves my lips at his rant, "Can I stay here?

Megan easton bra

His hand grabs mine and feel him dragging me out of the bathroom. I find myself once again located in Easton's dark room. His hands glide over my hips, his lips meeting mine. I find myself on the bed, his rough hands slowly stroking my cheek as his lips once again kiss me softly. His arms are wrapped around me, while my eyes are slowly closing as my head is against his chest listening to his steady heart beat.

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