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If you need a summary of what this is all about, please refer to a blog post. Muscle worship is, simply defined, an activity involving a muscular participant it could be a man or a woman who allows a client to touch their body, usually for sexual gratification purposes. Muscle worship may be a more personally intimate activity than sex. Let me explain further. Sex between two people is without a doubt a supremely intimate act.


After premiering at Sundance in the winter ofit was released in the U. For all of its tragedy, disturbingly long sequences of grief, and insistence on twisting the knife ever further into the wounds it creates, Hereditary is a remarkably empathetic film. It is interested in presenting the stakes of the closeness of family ties, the precarious network of factors keeping our loved ones alive, and the sorrow that forms the connective tissue of all horror films but is not always as fleshed out as it is here. The bad news: there is nothing quite like this film.

By the very nature of its being so unique and striking, there will always be a gap when trying to recreate the viewing experience. For fans of HereditaryThe Lodge is a must-see. There are so many unnerving parallels, including small, bizarre things like the integration of miniature buildings and people that appear at key times to relay plot information and tonal shifts, and larger similarities like the instability of domestic roles, familial trauma and grief, and an insidious blurring of reality. Laura Hall Alicia Silverstone commits suicide when she finds out that her ex-husband Richard Armitage is planning to marry a woman he met while researching a Christian cult that committed mass suicide.

His new fiance Riley Keough was raised in the cult and is the only survivor of its demise. If all of them had gone at the same time, it might have been fine. But since the dad needs to stay back for work, the two kids end up alone with the woman. The uncomfortable growing pains of a step family are taken to the extreme with the children seeking to get revenge on the woman who is seamlessly replacing their mother.

Reina rebelde's founder on leaving law to break into beauty, and the pandemic pivot that saved her brand

There is an unmistakable tonal resonance between the two films that seem to speak to one another across the decades. When they get there, they are taken in by kind, if overly nosy neighbors who Rosemary starts to suspect may not have the best of intentions when it comes to her unborn. The film deals with similar themes as Hereditaryincluding questions of paranoia, occultism, and the splintering of family structures.

This contemporary take on an ancient Greek tragedy, written and directed by Greek filmmakers Yorgos Lanthimos and Efthymis Filippouis so comprehensively haunting that it is difficult to fully recommend it. He introduces the boy to his family, and they all fall ill.

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By the time the stunning simplicity of the myth emerges, viewers will have slowly and systematically had their perceptions on violence shifted and distorted, producing an out-of-body-experience that will be familiar to anyone who had to pause Hereditary after that scene. Another sleek, contemporary horror film interested in creating a narrative of estrangement and sacrifice, It Follows premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in before expanding to a wider U.

The film stars Maika Monroe and features performances by Keir GilchristDaniel ZovattoJake WearyOlivia Luccardi and Lili Sepea small ensemble cast consisting of primarily young adults who must unravel the sex curse that is plaguing them if they want to save themselves and each other.

Another foundational horror classic that can be seen in the DNA of HereditaryCarrie deserves a rewatch. And a rewatch after that. To say that high school student Carrie White Sissy Spacek struggles to fit in with the other girls is an understatement.

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The film is set in Gokseong, a small, mountainous village in South Korea, where the arrival of a Japanese stranger coincides with a bizarre outbreak of an infection that causes those who contract it to become violent and attack their families. While the film is interested in this presence on the village at large, the focus is on one police officer Do-won who attempts to piece together the mystery linking the sequence of crimes in order to protect his daughter Woo-Hee.

The film raises thematic questions that fans will recognize from Jinwhile also incorporating a similar style and saturation. The Babadook is an immersive, critically-acclaimed art-house horror that deserves mention on any list revolving around ghouls, familial power structures, and the eerie ways that grief embodies itself in parents.

The film follows Amelia Vakan Davisan exhausted widow who is juggling the demands of professional life, single parenthood, and grieving her lost husband all in nude solitude. Her son Wiseman finds an unfamiliar book with a spooky character: a tall, spindly monster in Michelle top-hat called the Babadook. After hearing the story, the boy becomes obsessed with the reality of the monster and begins displaying increasingly concerning behaviors, pushing his already sleep-deprived and struggling mother into further and further depths of confusion.

The drama centers around this space, a building which is off-limits to the kids since their dad died there, but serves as a kind of cursed playground where their anti-coming-of-age-story takes place. Similarly to Hereditaryonce you watch this film there will be a lingering adolescent dread that never completely ceases.

The disturbing performances of the children are heightened when you learn that neither of the twins ever acted in another movie after this one. No list of horror films that interrogate dysfunctional family dynamics would be completed without Frailty. The film is directed by, and stars, Bill Paxtonas a man who is convinced he is being channeled by God to murder demons that are masquerading as human people on Earth.

Reina rebelde's founder on leaving law to break into beauty, and the pandemic pivot that saved her brand

The angel that speaks to him keeps him busy with directed serial killings, but the man is also a father to two young boys. As he raises his children and keeps up with what he considers to be the burden of his faith, the man finds himself pushed to the nexus of ideology, discipline, and humanity. Directed by Brad Andersonthe film follows Christian Bale as a man who works as a machinist and has been inexplicably unable to sleep for an entire year.

As he goes through the motions of his life, he comes into closer and closer contact with the dangerous edges of the machines he works with while slowly losing that thread of awakeness that differentiates him from the metal. Creep is a very special film.

The production—from story de to cast to execution—is slim. Like, really slim. The film is based on a story by Patrick Brice and Mark Duplasswas directed by Brice, and stars only the two of them. Presented in a found-footage style, the film follows a videographer Brice who, needing work, agrees to travel to a remote cabin to complete a filming project for his client Duplass. At first, the asment is straight forward if strange and macabre.

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Duplass tells him that he has a brain tumor and will most likely die before his wife gives birth to their child, so he wants to make a video diary to leave behind. Speaking of found footage, The Taking of Deborah Logan is a diamond in the rough when it comes to innovative, emotionally resonant takes on the subgenre.

While Deborah is initially skeptical of the students and their goal to film her daily life, she eventually allows it.

The film probes really fascinating questions of the ethics of observation, and the border between the supernatural and what are considered non-normative psychological states. Each person in the jin has their own reason for going. Christian and Josh Jack Reynor and William Jackson Harper go because they are anthropology graduate students researching European midsummer festivals. It will be noted from the beginning that this kind of nude disinterest often backfires in folk horror. The film is most interested, however, in Dani Michelle Florence Pugh a psychology student who is still recovering from the traumatic loss of her sister and both parents.

Dani is dating Christian, a man who, despite whatever positive qualities he possesses, is a very bad, very insensitive boyfriend. All of this background of trauma and dejection makes Dani either the perfect or worst guest at the festival, depending on your perspective.

Thirlby also details where Anderson's path could be heading after the events of the first film.

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Lauren Gilmore is a freelance resource writer at Collider. Additionally, she writes YA horror, poetry, and scholarship on various subjects related to horror media and American literature. In her spare time, she likes to stare at her two adorable dogs, watch very trashy reality TV, and wish she were a better chess player. Image via Neon. Image via Paramount Pictures. Image via A Image via United Artists. Image via Fox International.

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F irefighting is still a man's world.


After premiering at Sundance in the winter of , it was released in the U.


When Regina Merson left her job at a prestigious law firm in to start Reina Rebelde, a makeup company geared toward Latina women known for its vibrant colorways and packaging inspired by Merson's Mexican heritage , she had no idea that just four years later she'd be navigating her company through a global pandemic — and emerging not just intact, but with the brand's best year ever on the books.


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