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There was a certain Ravenclaw girl that Harry Potter had met early on in his studies at Hogwarts. Now, she wasn't a nude girl, not that Hogwarts students were considered normal. She was a ghost, a real life ghost. Hanging around the second floors girl's bathroom, Moaning Myrtle found her existence to be a lonely one. She was so lonely that to keep from going insane, she would flood her bathroom and haunt anyone foolish enough to step through the door. She never really made the myrtle between her loneliness and scaring people away.

The polyjuice potion, the chamber of secrets, the golden egg from the tri wizard tournament, Moaning Myrtle had always been there, helping Harry. Ron seemed to think that Myrtle fancied Harry, but Harry doubted it. Doubt seemed to weigh heavy on Harry's mind. He who must not be named, Snape running around Hogwarts, Cho, Harry's mind and heart were filled with chaos. Looking for a place to relax, Harry found himself sneaking back in to the Prefect's bathroom once again. And what a wonderful bathroom it was, marble moans and walls, stain glass windows and magical faucets that had all different kind of enchanted bath waters.

Wanting only to escape from his own mind, Harry grabbed the first one and let it fill the bath with vanilla scented water. Letting his robes fall in a heap, he climbed in to the hot water and let it carry him away. Harry immediately covered himself. Picking up on what Myrtle was hinting at, Harry scooted away. It was strange, Myrtle was in the water next to him, but she wasn't getting wet. Her ghostly figure floated though the water with ease, but she acted like she was struggling against it. She must have had a lot of practice because Harry seemed to forget that she was a ghost.

Pulling a towel carefully around himself, Harry climbed out of the bath.

And well, I'm busy now too, so, I've got to go. It wasn't as fancy as the prefect's bath, but it was Myrtle-less. After a quick dip, he headed off to bed, his head still filled with chaos. Classes really started to get to Harry. With all the commotion going on during the year, he really didn't have the energy for class work.


Ron seemed to be just as overwhelmed as Harry, begging Hermione to do his homework for him. After being lectured about the importance of doing one's own work, Ron plopped down next to Harry. Harry thought of Cho, then Ginny, wishing he had a girlfriend to complain about. Days passed slowly and Harry found himself in need of a little relaxation. This time it was filled wall to wall with students.

Everybody wanted to ask him about how he had beaten that dragon in the tri wizard tournament or ask him about quidditch.

Being badgered beyond belief, Harry stopped, before even loosening his shoelaces, and ran like a escaped convict. With nowhere else to go, Harry decided to head to the prefect's bathroom once again. Using the Marauder's map to make sure the bath room was empty, he quickly ducking inside. Wanting to relax for as long as he could, he dropped his robe and jumped in to the bath in one motion.

All the anger, all the stress, slipped away from him as the warmth penetrated him all the way to the bone. Every heartbeat sent ripples across the water; every breath caused tiny waves to form with the slow rise and fall of his chest.

Life's got you down? Where do you think you're looking? No need to be shy. A strange feeling crept up to the spot where Myrtle's hand had touched him.

It wasn't the first time Harry had felt a ghost, but it still freaked him out. It wasn't a physical feeling, but Harry could feel it, cold but real.

Harry was sure if he were to close his eyes, he would still be able to feel Myrtle's touch. Looking intently in to Myrtle's eyes, he wondered what it would have been like to have known Myrtle when she was still alive. It was because of Voldamort that Myrtle had been killed. It had been Voldamort's basilisk that had killed Myrtle, the same basilisk that he had killed in his second year at Hogwarts.

Myrtle was just another victim of Voldamort's wrath, and for the first time, Harry felt a deep connection to Myrtle. He felt his heart felt a ping of pain and wonder as he fell deep in to Myrtle's transparent eyes. You want to kiss me? I mean, because you're a ghost. Myrtle smiled, "No, it's just, you're the first person who's ever wanted to kiss me, alive or dead.

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A strange ghostly tingle tickled his lips, but it didn't make him feel uneasy. On the contrary, his heart swelled with emotion. Even though his lips disappeared in to Myrtle's, the kiss felt more real than the kiss he shared with Cho. Without thinking about it, Harry's hand came up to be placed on Myrtle's shoulder, but it sank in to her body. Harry, thinking he would support his weight with Myrtle's shoulder, slipped and fell in to the bath.

Coughing the water from his lungs, Harry said, "Sorry, I forgot you were a ghost. With a quick peck, Myrtle gave Harry another ghostly kiss before she disappeared, squealing with joy. Harry wasn't sure why he had done it, he was just happy that he did. Life seemed to change for Harry.

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