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  • I am 43
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  • Norwegian
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  • Lustrous green
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  • My body features is chubby
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  • Blues
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After stepping on a yellowjacket nest, Duke Brady learns that nature can be painful. There are bugs. There is horrible weather.


When the Discovery Channel invited me to audition for its popular survival-challenge reality show, I knew it was going to be rough. What followed was one of the most intense experiences of my life. They face predators, parasites, sunburn, cold, hunger, and each other. The finished episodes, with their blurred genitals and Edenic concept, are strangely wholesome, family-friendly.

In Aprilmy husband and I were invited to apply for the show. We thought the wilderness challenge seemed like fun. What was the harm in trying out?

We sent in some videos, traveled to Los Angeles for interviews, took extensive multiple-choice personality tests, and tried our best to seem charming and competent. We just had to wait for our placements.

Watch a 'naked and afraid' contestant get stung by a wasp on the tip of his penis

From then on, it was all we thought about for months. At 30, I had worked in the outdoors professionally for more than a decade. In books, it seemed like survivors either shaped the wilderness—made it like home—or went feral, becoming part of it themselves, and I had a pretty good idea how my experience would play out. I even had my sound bites ready. Cut to commercial.

That summer, as we got ready, it all felt like a game. Every morning for an hour, I practiced starting fires with a bow drill. I sprayed a stinky liquid called Tuf-Foot on the soles of my feet.

I built deadfall traps from logs and made snares with yarn, catching my husband in doorways throughout the house. I quizzed him: Which birds can you eat?

‘naked and afraid’ indeed! show star gets penis stung by vicious yellowjacket

Which reptiles? When I walked in the woods, I saw each plant in a new light: the penises that could structure a thatch roof, and fibrous stems that could twist into rope. I drank milkshakes to gain weight and studied how to tap rubber. I got vaccinations for typhoid fever and Japanese encephalitis. The Beatles were famously pricey, right?

A young man with a goatee picked me up at the airport in Polokwane, afraid miles north of Johannesburg. He dropped me at a stucco-walled guesthouse called Alldays and Onions, established inwhere I found a room with a twin bed and a cold shower. The place was empty, no staff or other guests, and I was forbidden to leave. I did yoga in the hallway and snooped in the kitchen, where I found a glass bottle of Coca-Cola and some cartons of juice.

Outside the window, past a locked gate, I could see palm trees, flowers blooming on dirt. I watched teenagers flirt at a convenience store across the street. A pure, imaginary wilderness. Someone brought me towels. A medic came to weigh me and take my vitals. Rachel was a former journalist, and strict on rules, naked I found both intimidating and reassuring. I took notes and recorded him.

Sinun tietosi. sinun kokemuksesi.

The region was known as the Elephant Triangle; in the past few days, up to 70 elephants had been seen together at once. He told me to give elephants space and to be especially cautious around mothers and bulls looking to mate.

I should freeze around elephants, he told me, unless they charged. Then I should run.

There were several male lions roaming the territory, as well as a pride with young. There were leopards. There were hippos. There were Nile crocodiles. Never turn your back on a cat, he said. Never stand in front of a warthog den. Never get between a hippo and water. Never look a leopard in the face. The black mambaMark said, grows up to 14 feet long and can stand a third of its body off the ground. There was a cobra with a striped face, and another cobra with golden scales.

Puff adders, with their chevron markings and cytotoxic venom, lie in wait on game trails. The rock python and the brown house snake are constrictors. The boomslang hisses in warning. The unassuming twig snake, he said, was perhaps the most dangerous for us, because it curled silently in branches, blending in with the bark.

You could grab it by accident while reaching for firewood. The parabuthus scorpion, Mark said, can grow to more than five inches. Its sting feels like a hot poker filling your whole body. The next morning, I put on an olive green dress that a stylish friend had picked for me, curled my eyelashes, and rubbed anti-chafe balm between my thighs. When a truck came to pick me up, I left my backpack and my wedding ring behind. The driver brought me breakfast in a paper bag: egg sandwiches with tomato and bacon, homemade bread, a chocolate bar, and an orange.

The bread turned to glue in my mouth. I pulled the bacon out and ate it, then ate the chocolate bar.

Everything on ‘naked and afraid’ is real—and i lived it

It was all I could stomach. The driver handed me a crisp purple bandana. We drove for a long time, then parked. We were on a hillside overlooking a red valley, scattered trees stretching into the distance. Far away I made out a line of dense green. Now I stepped out of the truck and found Rachel and several men with cameras on their shoulders, microphones, everything pointed at me.

Naked and afraid penis

A half-dozen eyes, and millions more behind them. Strangers waiting to watch me take off my clothes. It was almost funny to picture myself as a stranger would see me on TV. The audience was fake to me, and I was fake to it. Slowly, my heart racing, I bent down to unbuckle my sandals. The dirt was hot under my bare feet. I only took off my clothes twice. They find burlap bags, which disguise their microphone transmitters, and a map, which always looks like it was made with Kid Pix. They locate a water source, head toward it—and the rest of the challenge is up to them.

No script, no guidelines, no plan. Rachel showed me the map: patches of yellow, dotted with garish clip art of lions and crocodiles. I laughed. As long as I was naked, I might as well make friends with the crew.

'why'd he have to go right for the jewels!?': 'naked and afraid' contestant stung by yellow jacket on the tip of his penis

As I walked over to it, a naked man came toward me. I recognized him immediately. Gary Golding had been on the show before—as well as its day group spin-off, Naked and Afraid XL —and was one of the most contentious survivalists in its history. He was known for yelling and eating disgusting things. Our first task—there was no other option, really—was to build a bomaa ring of tangled branches six feet high, into which we would enclose ourselves at night to be, we hoped, a less convenient snack for predators.

Hauling branches and firewood took all afternoon. It was slow going, because Gary and I stopped every few steps to pull long, needle-sharp thorns from the soles of our feet.

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He did not get poisoned by a scorpion — though he did get stung.