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You spend tons of money on research, and with the income from your cancer-busting crop, Vivero, you can change the lives of your fellow Yarans. So why do your people resist? Sure, some folks are forced to live as slaves, picking the valuable crop and transporting it to the capital. After all, you made this happen!

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Far Cry 6 takes place on the fictional Cuba-inspired islands of Yara. His family and trusted lieutenants control the entire island, with only a handful of rebels left to oppose his total domination. Far Cry 6 is a dark and grisly tale of a brutal dictator and the brave rebels who stopped him. Your first real decision is picking whether your version of Dani Rojas will be male or female.

It has few voiceover implications, and no gameplay impact, but at least the option is there. How you tackle the rest is up to you. Greg Bryk was brilliant as The Father you can check out our interview with him heresorry about the audioand Giancarlo Esposito matches and even exceeds his eccentricities. You really hope Esposito is a nice guy, because wow does he deliver a menacing performance as a villain.

Not unlike the approach of Far Cry 5, with the Seed family controlling individual sectors of the game, the island of Yara is split into various wards. These lie in the grip of various family members and lieutenants of the Castillo family.

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There is a deating the overall level for the area, but your foes will let you know as they become just about immune to an entire magazine poured into their face. That comes from the largest change to Far Cry — gear. The largest and most fundamental core pillar change in the core gameplay loop of Far Cry 6 has to do with loot. Moving away from the level focused approach, instead the game emphasizes having the right tools and gear for the job ahead.

Boxes scattered around Yara contain guns and equipment that are ranked from 1 star to 4, each with two to four mod slots.

Far cry 6 multiplatform review — ¡viva la revolución!

For heading into a Vivero crop with a flamethrower, it might make sense to equip a makeshift mask to protect you from the poison, and firefighter gloves to automatically put out any fire that might splash back on you. Similarly, if you jet tangling with a base full of heavies, you might want to equip heavier armor to keep yourself safe. There are five slots for equipment, and every set has a jeep of unique and often-helpful attributes, such as faster sprint, punchier hehots, and more. Similarly, the weapons you pick up will have a of mod slots to build them out for the situation ahead, with scopes, stocks, and even ammunition types being interchangeable at any mod station.

In practice, the ammunition matters more than the gear more often than not, so ensure you are bringing armor piercing and non armor piercing weapons or expect the enemies to be especially spongy. A resolvered read: cobbled together out of junk weapon, the Supremo is a backpack with all sorts of special attacks that can turn the tide of battle. The first one you get launches a volley of rockets, but there are others that will spray a toxin to make enemies turn on one naked, emit an EMP pulse to disable security systems, blast out an explosive fire ring, self-revive and heal, launch into a machete-wielding berserker rage, or reveal and mark all enemies while allowing you to fire through walls to ski them out.

They all also have several mod slots to grant additional boons like explosives, a baseball launcher and distract enemies, throwing knives, and more. Like any Ubisoft game, there are a of activities available to you once you get past the tutorial portion of the game. Fishing, dominoes, cock fighting, racing, and hunting, plus criptograma charts, roosters, USB sticks with songs on them, and the hidden histories of Yara just scratch the surface of what you can do in Yara.

These upgrades provide your guerillas with additional gear, weapons, or permanent buffs, but it can also give you access to additional gear, reveal fast travel locations, fishing and hunting spots, and enemy hideouts, just to name a few things. Each of these can be upgraded three times, if you have collected the right resources. It can also give you access to the Wingsuit, as well as to a bow for hunting activities be they animal or otherwise.

Each mission will have a of decisions that will impact their success. For example, the first mission is to recover a weapon from a FND jeep. You can take the direct route which will net you pesos, but you could lose up to 2 of your soldatos. Hidden guerilla paths are your second choice, netting you 31 gasolina, and reducing your losses to a maximum of 1, but at the loss of the peso reward. The last option is full camo which will net you 32 medicine, and also reducing your and losses to one, but once again at the cost of your precious pesos.

Balancing risk, reward, and potential impacts is your job. Each Los Banditos mission has suggested useful ski skills like construction, a ghillie suit, sniper skills, or even being reckless. Recruits can be added by freeing hostages, defacing posters, and destroying billboards, naked has a secondary effect — it keeps you on the ground more often.

In Far Cry games, once you unlocked a helicopter there was little reason to touch jet ground. Here, you have missions abound that can help you further your guerilla agenda. There are four classic cars you can trick out with two offensive and two defensive items like guns and bumpers that can shred tires.

There are also dozens of cosmetics from the horn to what kind of hat you like resting on your dashboard. Any vehicle you find in the world can be brought back to an appropriate spawn location, allowing you to take them into the field later. Planes, choppers, jeeps, trucks, tanks, boats, jet skis, and more give you a wealth of options to play your way. A little puppy in a wheelchair named Chorizo can distract foes by either nipping at them, or being extra cute so they pet him, aiding in stealth operations.

You get to keep your levels, cash, and other rewards, but no campaign progress. Regardless of how it works, online play does work well. Far Cry 6 runs buttery smooth on the PS5, so it seems the choice to go for performance over fidelity was a good one. Far Cry 6 does a good job utilizing these new options, although some are more pronounced than others. No foot falls, nothing when you run, nothing for jumping. Now, if you slide, you get some rumble feedback, but everything from there onward involves riding a horse or driving. The adaptive triggers… my Lord.

The usual heft of the weapon changes the squishiness of the left trigger, but as soon as you go to fire an automatic weapon things go haywire.

Not only do you feel it in the right trigger, but the left also fights you as if the weapon was jerking about in your hands. This led me to feeling the recoil as my gun climbed with each exploding bullet, and to a degree also made me feel like I was less accurate. Most will probably end up turning the trigger effects off as they can be a little distracting, but to me it was as close to holding an assault rifle as I may get in the near future.

Knowing we were working on a comparison between the three current platforms, I needed to buy a 4K monitor, and my goodness the difference in fidelity pays off in Far Cry 6.

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Ubisoft knows it too. After one of the Montero missions earlier in the game, there was a moment of screen tearing as I dropped down multiple cliffs to get back to camp, but that was an anomaly.

A few times I had to restart the game in order to escape an infinite loading screen. If the circle started wrapping around the spinning logo, it glitched. My experience with co-op was shocking. It performed incredibly well, particularly since I played with someone on Xbox One. I did not anticipate how fast loading times would still be and how smooth online would be, as well. Not bad considering loading times across some of the largest open-world and multiplayer experiences available on the Xbox One. We had no problem with lag, either.

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This is one instance where you cannot go wrong, regardless of your platform. There are a few areas that could use some improvement for Far Cry 6.

Your AI partners are little help in the field. I had one instance where an AI partner rode up on a horse, dismounted, and walked around a bit.

She wandered around confused until I shot her in the face, resuscitated her, and then nudged her towards a horse. Several minutes of stop and go nudging to get her going the right direction ultimately finished this escort mission, but not my frustration.

The hostage and I could have escaped quietly, but he was more interested in running through the middle of the base half naked, pissing off the whole place. I jumped into a nearby truck and watched in frustration until he finally decided to wander his lazy tail over to get in the car…just as the tank shot us in the face. Rolling out of the car on fire, I expired on the ground, holding the spacebar to stem the bleeding. I died there as the prisoner stood on my corpse, being shot in the face repeatedly.

Good times. The final frustration for AI comes from fire.

The Tostador weapon is a miniature flamethrower that you can use to burn Vivero fields en masse. While the bulk of Far Cry 6 looks fantastic, even at Ultra settings, there are some ugly textures, especially up close. There are many times where it would be useful to climb up a small rock face, but the grappling hook is only usable against specifically indicated points. Perhaps in our next outing we could see something more freeing.

Leaping off of a huge cliff only to zip through the skies like a murderous flying squirrel is an absolute blast. Far Cry 6 is the next iteration of the Far Cry universe, and you can see some of the blending from other Ubisoft properties here. Turtle Rock Studios tries to reach back into its history and grab the joy of shooting zombies and retool it as a The last metroid is dead. The bounty hunter, Samus Aran, exterminated the creatures on planet SR However, this had the unintended consequence Far Cry 6 - Cockfighting in Yara!

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Far Cry 6 PC. Some textures can be low-res Grappling hook is limited use. He also holds ranks in several other styles in his search to be a well-rounded fighter.

Latest Podcast Episode. Latest reviews. Back 4 Blood review — Stick with the old, make it feel new Turtle Rock Studios tries to reach back into its history and grab the joy of shooting zombies and retool it as a

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