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Warm weather is making its way back to the northern hemisphere now, and so scuba diving season is just around the corner for many sports enthusiasts. The thrill of diving in the ocean or sea and the ability to commune with underwater nature make this sport increasingly popular. And perhaps it is not a surprise that naked scuba diving has increasingly become a "thing" in recent years.


Working as a male model has serious moments, as well as light moments - as our cast of college guys found during a shoot in Key West, Florida. Following a long road trip from Ohio and several boring days in front of the camera, our cast of models decided to take a break and get away from the crew. So they pooled their money to rent a fishing boat for an afternoon of fun on the ocean.

One model agreed to serve as the boat's skipper, while three others were the crew. They cast off from the dock at Key West and headed onto the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The guys didn't have much experience at deep-sea fishing, but they were all willing to give it a try. Inexperience aside, the fishing was successful and each model hooked a prize catch. But after a few hours, even the fishing became boring. So the models tried another diversion - diving off the boat's top deck.

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If you want to rent a boat in Key West, we encourage you to rent one from Sunset Watersports. The models jumped.

They swan dived. They dived backwards. They dived headfirst.

They dived feet first. They cannonballed. They dived tandem. They dived every which way imaginable.

One less-inhibited model - a guy from Southeast Asia - decided to dive in the nude. What the heck, there was no one around to notice or care! It wasn't exactly an Olympic event, but the models all had a fun time.

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It proved not only a great way to blow off steam during the week-long shoot, but also a way to build friendships and camaraderie among our cast and crew. If you know a college student who has "male model" looks, you can nominate him to become a Campus Man.

The guy you nominate probably won't be diving naked off a fishing boat, but he will be grateful you "nominated" him. Diving Naked One less-inhibited model - a guy from Southeast Asia - decided to dive in the nude.

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