Naked Under The Christmas Tree
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As a Rudolph, our family takes Christmas very seriously. We have many fun traditions surrounding the holiday, but my favorite is the tradition of the half naked Christmas tree. My strong, independent 11 month old granddaughter loves to sit beneath our beautifully decorated, half naked Christmas tree to study the differently colored lights. Joy and love fill my heart when I see her.


Remember when I said Ryan and I were going to decorate our Christmas tree one night a week ago? Well, that never happened. We decorated our house and put the tree upbut our tree is still totally naked with the exception of the lights that were already on our pre-lit fake Christmas tree. Yes, only about half of our fake Christmas tree branches have been separated and fluffed.

Please tell me some of you guys out there are tree-less or have a severely neglected tree standing up in your home. We should those pictures to Instagram. This morning, Ryan and I headed to the gym before the sun came up for a workout. After a 10 minute warm up, I did my rep workout before it was time to head home for breakfast.

Followed by a hot mug of coffee and another egg white and oatmeal protein pancake. I'd love to connect with you! I am always so grateful when you let me know you tried one of my recipes or workouts and tag me in your photos or updates. Thank you so much!!! My name is Julie and I am a full-time blogger, new mama, fitness enthusiast certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor and food fanatic mostly healthy Thank you for visiting Peanut Butter Fingers! I hope you enjoy little glimpses into my life and have fun trying the sweaty workouts I frequently share and making some of my favorite recipes along the way!

A naked tree is better than no tree! We actually got our tree from a tree farm on Dec. First time we were actually ahead of the game this year….

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This is my first Christmas away from home so in order to not feel to homesick we got busy decorating as soon as December hit. Our tree shrank — had a little 5ft fake tree, with a few ornaments, my cat knocked it over while I was at work and broke the top — now have a 3ft tree! We did decorate our tree this year, but I told my husband last night that the tree is coming down December 26th haha.

Julie: Too funny! I wrote about just this on my blog last night.

Feel free to read it! Yup, we decorate for the holidays. We put everything up two weekends ago. My boyfriend and I just moved into a new place over the past 2 weeks and kept planning on getting a real tree, but, it just never happened. We JUST bought a fake tree last night a display one, because there were no more left in boxes, after we discovered that the real ones were gone!

I was in the holiday spirit all month and have been really disappointed about this tree business. Neglected trees — unite! Last week, online, my mom found one of Linus playing the trumpet and it arrived yesterday. Linus was always my favorite Peanut, and I played trumpet in the school band for four years, so we definitely have a kinship there. They look awesome!

We have our tree decorated, but I totally understand not being able to decorate your tree with how busy this time of year gets! Weird, right?? Anyway, I fully support your semi-naked tree. It just might be one of those years! I do decorate for the holidays, but this year it seems as if Christmas has snuck up on me!

I do have my Christmas tree decorated, but no presents are wrapped yet! My goal is to get that done this weekend! Hi Julie! So, rest assured some of us get it all decorated and by all… I mean very little lol. Obsessed, really. But this year, we remodeled a room and had company on Thanksgiving weekend ALL weekend and I was too tired to bust out the bins of holiday cheer on thanksgiving Sunday night after the final guest had left. Shout out to spending a weekend with friends from Ocala! Very fun, but I lost 6 days!

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And an ice storm is in my near forecast …. I have NO idea what happened with my festive cheer spreading plan! I need a December do-over. Two trees and bits and pieces everywhere. My Dad is a Christmas decoration nut…they just keep appearing! We did get a tree though — but we got it too early and now the needles fall off in a giant ring every time my dog hits it… which is every time she runs by. I leave my vacuum out and plugged in right next to the tree all day every day!

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My tree is up with just the lights too! Although my husband did fluff all the branches! Hopefully by the end of the weekend it will be done. I was so on top of it this year! I decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving…. I love to have decorations up for as long as possible. I love that window. Such good natural lighting. And we just got the tree up last night! We have a naked tree up this year too. I love it! I had great intentions of putting a tree up…but then it feels like there are only a few weeks until xmas, and we usually leave the weekend before to go up north where we cut down a tree Christmas eve and haul it into the cabin to decorate.

I love Christmas but it comes and goes so quick!

I too put up other decorations like you, so I think we are good! Minimal, but it works as we leave for the holidays tomorrow! My parents decorate like crazy for the holidays and since I am living with them I get it by default! I put up a tree, two stockings, and some lights on the fireplace. IT seems to work the naked this way right now. We were quick in going to actually GET our tree, but once we got it, it sat for over a week undecorated!

IT eventually got done, though, and now the house feels so festive! House is decorated. Presents are bought and wrapped. Cookies to be made this weekend. And we are dunzo! I have my house christmas but NADA on the tree! I had the mantle and living room decorations up before Thanksgiving makes that holiday feel more festive to mebut then my spurt of holiday fervor died a bit. We got our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, but just got it decorated this last week! So a little bit of over-achieving followed by some the in this house. We went all out decorating for Christmas this year.

We got a 9 foot tree and made Christmas cards. I got all of my inside decorations up but we never got around to doing the outside! Thanksgiving was literally as late as it could possibly have fallen. Haha — well, ours is sort of neglected. I have been Christmas crazy this year because I am hosting at my house! I feel a little bit guilty about using a fake tree every year though!

Annnnd then we add lights and ornaments and fluff it and it somehow it turns out good! The hubbs and I totally neglected getting a tree… and this is our first year married! We were going to make it a date one night to go and cut down a tree, but we then decided it was too cold. I had thought that I would be spending this week before Christmas on a business trip, so I freaked out and put up the decorations and tree two weeks ago.

At least we get to enjoy it that much longer, right?

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