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Omg, you write for Vincent valentine?!?!? I love him. Vincent valentine x Reader one shot, where reader is deaf and Vincent suprises her by learning language. When you first met Vincent, you had been drawn to him immediately. Not just because of how handsome and tall he was, but you found it easy to connect with him without words.


He had a restless night, tossing and turning so much he was scared he was going to wake Ben up. Sit by the window, maybe make a cup of tea and watch the rain fall. Instead, he was in his head. Pacing, digging his fingernails into the palm of his hands, having difficulty breathing. Maybe he should have taken his pills. Ben would be angry if he found out, he always asks; you feeling okay? You sure? You taking your pills?

Ben had asked him, with tears in his eyes to go to the GP and he did. Ben sat on the floor, his back hit the sofa and he spread his legs so Callum can sit in between them.

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Callum slowly sat down and Ben but his arms around his waist and rested his hands on his chest. When most people are having a panic attack, they like to be left alone. Callum realised he liked to be held. He liked to be talked down and Ben was more than happy to do anything he can for his boyfriend. Callum says nothing, stares into space, blank. Ben kisses him on the forehead and then pats his arm. Ben makes two cups of teas and brings it over to Callum.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Callum is staring out the window, watching the rain fall. He hears Ben before he sees him and turns around to face him. Ben gives Callum a small, sad, smile and Callum face drops, tears well in his eyes. Ben turns his head and gives him a chaste kiss on his cheek, then on his nose and lastly on his lips. Title taken from James Arthur - Naked Ballum indeed. The first one that they will share together and Ben is adamant that he wants to make it special.

Thanks for being mine- a little valentine’s day hlwily drabble

Its overpriced and commercialised and if he wanted to tell Callum he loved him, he would do it with words, not a teddy bear holding a heart that speaks when you press its paw. And even though Callum knows, he knows that he needs to tell him.

The longer he leaves it the bigger it feels and the harder it gets. Keep reading. Ben Mitchell knew he was gay before he even knew what the word meant.

C'est justement à ça que l'application sert.

He also knew it was bad. Very bad and whether his dad knew or not, he would never be his favourite .

Since learning that skill he would go round, cursing anyone who said anything bad about him or his family. Most people in sixth form hated him, with good reason, but at least he was trying his damnedest to make his dad happy. So maybe, he did all he could to please him.

Maybe he got in fights, maybe he was on the verge of being kicked out of school. And, Maybe the only way his tumblr could respect him is if he had. Just another way to hide his secrets. His friends were suspicious. Not even if it would help Lexi in the long run, he had way too much to loose and only one thing to gain from people knowing.

Stuart always warned him that he had to valentine secrets, and he knew what the consequences were, although he rarely experienced them, his brother stepping between him and his father. By the time he moved to the Square, Stuart was his main guardian. He was okay with that, naked old enough to look after himself. And he was excited.

Excited to start fresh, finally learn about who he was properly, figure out his interests, hopefully get a girlfriend, just get a chance to experience life without any fear.

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Dear yasisworld, here is my gift to you! Talk to me, please just talk to me. But Ben does know him. Callum bites the inside of his lip in a futile attempt to hold back the tears that fall down in thick droplets anyway. His voice creaks and wobbles as he speaks. I hope you are having a wonderful valentines day I wrote this ficlet for you and I hope you will like it!

Lola sat down on the beach chair next to Ben. The beach only a five minute walk from said villa. Lola smiles as she spots her daughter. What do you mean? Insisting we all need it and paying a fortune.

This will be (an everlasting love)

So come on, spill. Ben bit on the inside of his cheek before answering Lola. I am sure Callum will be fine with it. That evening Lola took Jay and Lexie to get some food. Giving Ben an oppertunity to talk to Callum. Callum chuckled lightly at that. Jay rolled his eyes at Ben. A few hours later Callum walked into the house.

🖤 — valentine

He was surprised to see Ben and Lexie surrounded by boxes in the living room. The week starts with Ben wrapped around Callum, Callum wrapped around Ben, in any which and every way. Things seem normal at the beginning of the week. They appear that way, at least, on the surface. To his warmth.

Callum is either nowhere or everywhere, unreachable and distant or pressed up so close that Ben has trouble breathing. Ben wakes up alone two days in a row, later than he normally would, with a chill in his bones and a headache blooming between his eyes. It ignites this pent up feeling insidehim, this terrifying bundle of fear and nerves compiling itself in the centre of his chest. In the afternoon, though, Callum will text him, a simple: Chinese tonight?

The taste of cheap beer and something so familiar between them. It takes him a moment to come to himself, still halfway stuck in the darkness of his troubled dreams. He lays entirely still and swallows against the feeling of his skin curling, against the feeling of his body trying to turn itself inside-out.

Bad reality tv shows about love to stream on valentine's day

He sits up with a hand over his heart as he swallows thickly. His pulse is jumping against his neck, his eyes heavy, heart sunken.

The rest of the flat seems as deathly quiet as the bedroom, just the laps of footsteps from the street below can be heard through the opened window. Ben shuffles into the kitchen to grab a drink.

The water is freezing cold, glass-like a pinprick in his palms, but he drinks all of it with a rasping gulp, trying to settle himself. As he places the notepad back on the counter, another piece of paper catches his eye. An envelope addressed to Callum.

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I am sleeping in the bathtub and the water is overflowing, you are chopping zucchini, red peppers, green onions.


There was no way to deny nor certify such a thing because ever since his week started there has been things around him turning into either very good things or very bad stuff.


Song: Fall- Ed Sheeran.