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  • Years:
  • I'm just over forty
  • Nationality:
  • Irish
  • Tone of my eyes:
  • Lustrous gray-green eyes
  • Sex:
  • I am woman
  • What I prefer to drink:
  • Liqueur
  • Other hobbies:
  • Singing


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The blondie got on her knees and wrapped her naughty mouth around his cock. They both tried to stay quiet, and not alarm the girlfriend who was sleeping next to them. His big dick stretched out her pussy, and he used his strong hands to play with her giant ass. MILF moved her hips faster and harder every second and he met every single of her thrusts.

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Soon the naked woman was bouncing on him like a fairground ride and her big round tits were bouncing in all directions. Jordi pushed her off of him and got her to stand on all fours.

A nasty babe was in the sauna one day when another couple was about to them. Once they both got in, he sat right next to the woman who was already there.

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She purposely released her towel a little bit so that her right tit could be seen. His wife went on the higher level and lay on her back, putting a towel over her face. The slutty woman and the unfaithful husband were left out of her sight to play. She immediately removed her towel and showed him her gorgeous naked pussy. He got turned on in a second! She put her head in his lap and started playing with her pussy. His hands moved to her amazing breasts and she let him squeeze her beautiful big tits. Just perfect.

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Her beautiful big tits were bouncing on her chest, he reached up and began to grope them. She got on all fours with her ass sticking up in the air, wiggling her ass for him. Her big tits were again hanging beneath her chest rocking back and forth with each of his saunas. She pushed her perfect ass back onto him, she reached between her legs and cupped his balls in her hand massaging them.

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He squeezed em hard, then soft, then shook em and slapped em, then squeezed em hard some more. She pressed her big natural tits against me and moaned. He smashed her pussy in so many poses, and eventually, he lifted her in the air while his cock was still in her pussy, and then he fucked her in a standing position like that. It was their best experience in any sauna ever before! Sauna babe seems to be looking for trouble as she takes off her towel while another dude is in there with her.

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