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The year is Alanis Morissette and Montell Jordan dominate the radio; you and your mom are spending quality time together by watching Xena: Warrior Princess ; Batman Forever has just been released to mixed reviews; and Sierra On-Line, Inc. While Xena has been cemented forever in modern meme culture, Phantasmagoria has been somewhat forgotten, revived every now and then by an anniversary piece or random interview by creator Roberta Williams. But the world of modern horror gaming owes a lot to the game: it was one of the first video games to be excessively and unapologetically bloody. It was violent, extravagant, and utterly creative in its kills.


Phantasmagoria: the visions of lewis carroll () nude scenes

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Game menu. Easter eggs. Tech support.

Making of. Curtis and Jocilyn having sex.

Curtis and Jocilyn in bed. Another gruesome hallucination. Curtis, put that back! Curtis hallucinates in the Dreaming Tree.

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Curtis remembers his reation from the mental hospital. Bob is fiddling on Curtis' computer. Curtis tosses away a bloody towel. Curtis calls Dr. The police is at Wyntech. Curtis asks Jocilyn what happened.

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Curtis asks Trevor what happened. Police guards the door. Curtis sneaks through Warner's office. Bob's body.

Phantasmagoria sex scenes nude and sex video

Bob gets crucified. Bob gets punched in the face. Bob's mouth gets stapled. Bob's chest is sliced open.

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Detective Powell removes Curtis from the scene. A photographer takes a picture of the body. Detective Powell interrogates Curtis. Bob's murder. Curtis approaches the murder scene.

The coroner stares at the body. Bob goes in the body bag.

Bob's crucified body. Someone is pulling the body bag. Curtis sees himself in his cubicle. The other Curtis cannibalizes on Bob's body.

Detective Powell doesn't see what Curtis sees. The other Curtis pulls flesh from Bob's body. Tom proposes to meet in the Dreaming Tree.

Phantasmagoria sex scenes nude and sex video

Follow The Sierra Chest. Sierra On-Line. Phantasmagoria Series. AdventureAdventure: FMV. IBM PC.

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Playing a controversial computer game is also a step into the unknown.