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A look back at 30 seasons of milestones, million-dollar mistakes, and heart-pounding finishes to the Pit Stop on The Amazing Race. Subscribe now to enjoy our magazine for FREE! After 18 years of world travel and weird challenges, The Amazing Race remains the gold standard in reality competition. And as the beloved and multiple Emmy-winning reality competition series enters its 31st season, neither its host—nor the show itself—shows any s of slowing down.


Reality competition shows allow viewers to recognize themselves in the contestants on-screen, either relating to overcoming a challenge or perhaps being inspired to get up and go have an adventure of their own. What makes a good reality show? Phil Keoghan: Television is all about moments. And script writers are so unbelievable in terms of being able to create moments out of nothing.

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Like, literally people sit down and they write a moment. And so when you throw interesting people into an interesting situation, out of that can come great moments. But the narrative comes after. You have to look for a natural narrative in the behavior that you tape and find. So you have to be able to find and follow the drama rather than, you know, as Phil said, you have to create an opportunity for it to flourish and blossom. But do you really have to go there? I mean, you get to play and have fun. And the audience just digs that. So I try to stay as away from it as I can. Some people are very expressive, and other people are not.

We just hope for really compelling contestants. And this is true for all our guest judges too. RuPaul: You know, everybody has this idea that reality is so fake, and the audience even thinks, oh, that was edited that way.

The best of the amazing race—as chosen by the guy who's seen it all—phil keoghan.

If you see it on camera, it happened. Our show is personality-driven. These are the most courageous characters in the world.

But guess what? They did it anyway. So we choose from that group of people, who are already amazing and courageous, and we cast this show as an ensemble. Somebody represents the ingenue, somebody represents the old school, somebody represents sort of the new school. Keoghan: Well, I do feel that we do have a secret ingredient in the sense that we have the world to choose from. So you will never see the same background on our show.

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And we draw from the vast history of not only the gay experience but the outsider experience, the people who dance to the beat of a different drummer. Our show, at its core, is really about the tenacity of the human spirit. And how interesting is keoghan RuPaul: I beg to differ! I think, at its core, what happens is the audience gets to see someone break through that wall, that wall that we all have and that the audience has. You know, watching the crucifixion and resurrection of someone, everybody loves a comeback.

And naked when you see them break through, and they get it, they get it! You go, yes, yes! Because you understand it on a human level. Keoghan: Sometimes. Yeah, a nude bungee-jumping shot I just got the phil day, with way too much dingle-dangle. Lynch: It is.

And so you kind of have to commit to it.

We had Martha Stewart on a couple of weeks ago. And, you know, she was very prim and proper, but then she just started getting into.

If phil keoghan were to do nude pictures, would this affect his career?

Lynch: In the Martha Stewart way, you know, her eyes went like this a couple of times, and it was good. And he has a bunch of celebrity friends, and he has a bunch of, like, normal people friends. And it was naked fun. Keoghan was a great dynamic to see, you know, the barista from the phil shop hanging out with Megan Mullally, and, you know, being on the same team. Lynch: A lot of it is, but I have some great writers, Grant and Anne, who give me a ton of jokes, and some that I put in my back pocket, we were talking about it.

As a lesbian, I am delighted. And I said to [the producers], just leave it in, because I was totally confused in the moment, and the audience got that there was mayhem. For me, the hardest part is, you know, I write the scripts, and so sometimes a show will drop out. We shoot 12 shows in 21 days. It very rarely happens, but in this particular situation, we had something come out.

But if luck is the residue of de, then with all of our shows, what we are doing is we are creating the opportunity for things to happen.

I mean, to answer your question, because I know it was a long time ago, but Ukraine. That was not enjoyable. And the toilets smelled. And I woke up in the morning, and there was a huge room of smelly people. RuPaul: The hardest part of doing my show is when some real emotional thing happens, and I make that ugly cry face, which is very hard to make, because my face is You know, I like to be in control, and there have been some times when those kids have revealed something on there.

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And here we have champions, the best of the best. And so it gets emotional. And so, you know, my face may crack, and I try not to cry. And I know that sounds weird, but when I have to spit something out In one case it was an artichoke, and it was the beard of the artichoke.

In another case Keoghan: Do they cut away, do you go Lakshmi: No, they show it -- are you kidding? She was the pastry chef of a restaurant she and her husband owned together in New Jersey. He ed the staff in after stints at the Hollywood Reporter and Inside. He left The Times in Hoping to boost flagging ratings, film academy sets new Oscars producer. Chill, Seth Rogen. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing.

"swing, you fat bastard, swing!"

Business Visionaries. Hot Property. Times Events. Times Store. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options. By Scott Collins.

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Here is a condensed transcript from that April 28 conversation. Scott Collins. More From the Los Angeles Times. Movies Hoping to boost flagging ratings, film academy sets new Oscars producer. Television Chill, Seth Rogen.

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