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By RaumApril 26, in Poll Station. Would you posted naked pictures of yourself, bearing all for anyone in the world to see? If you're going to reply, please elaborate as to why or why not.

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I recently posted one of me on my Deviant Artand linke dto it on my blog. Didn't bother me a bit. I prefer to keep my nakedness for my partner, besides, I doubt that the world wants to see a 6 feet tall, lbs naked pale white guy naked! I don't know I'm a nudist myself, would liek to live in a nudist area when I get my own place if I could.

I like taking walks in parks naked, just being naked aroudn the house etc. I'm very comfortable with it I could go to a sauna and have a bunch of naked women and men in there and just carry on a conversation and not even think twice about the lack of clothing. I wish the whole world could do that, so it wou;dn't be illegal for me to go for walks around here naked.

Should i send my boyfriend naked pictures?

I just don't think bodies need to be hidden. Hell, even if you're a 5'4 girl that weighs pounds, it's not gonna harm me in any way to look at you. You're still going to be beautiful to me.

You don't have to be 'hot' to be naked I would not have nude photos of myself posted online. I am quite comfortable with being naked in private but I don't want anyone other than my boyfriend looking at me with no clothes on.

Search In. Post Nudes Of Yourself Online? Share More sharing options Followers 0. Would you post tasteful nudes of yourself online?

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Recommended Posts. Raum Posted April 26, Posted April 26, Johnnesvanwijk gmail.

Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Raditz Posted April 26, I'm really ugly on the inside :p. Too late, there is already nudes of me going around I don't want some guy getting horny looking at me, or some ugly bird doing the same! What about if I pay you guys for the pics?

Colin-uk Veteran Posted April 26, Steven P. Haha Loading Symal Taneous Posted April 26, I don't think so. Hexlord Posted April 26, Any girls who replied so far? Rib Feast Posted April 26, Nice, do you have any nude pics? Lasker Posted April 26, I never posted but if someone offer me a good pay I will do it :laugh:.

Screenshot it

Yeah, wudnt bother me! Although who wud wanna see is different matter!

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Also, would you ever, under what circumstances and why or why not?


But is posting a naked selfie really that bad?


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I wanted to disappear, and the only way I thought I could do that was to make myself thinner and less noticeable.