Ren And Stimpy Naked Girls
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In the early s, a cable network known as TNN now Paramount Network was rebranding itself into Spike TVand as part of that rebranding wished to break into the late-night adult animation game that Adult Swim had just proved lucrative. While they already had some shows in production, they wanted another cartoon that could serve as a flagship series for their animation block.


Naked Beach Frenzy.

The IAD is in financial trouble. Please read here.

Ren and Stimpy spend a day at the beach. Ren ogles the women, but goes nuts when they desire Stimpy instead.

He is beaten up and chased away by a very hairy male lifeguard. Next, Ren pretends to drown to trick the female lifeguards into kissing him, but the male lifeguard delivers the life-saving measure.

After that, Ren becomes a shower butler who washes and shaves women, while Stimpy takes on the guise of "Shampoo Master". Technical Specifications.

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Aspect Ratio: 4 : 3 Television. Color Type: Color.

Sound Type: Stereo. Original Language: English. Original Country: United States.

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It just looks cheap in this context. See all comments by PopKorn Kat. All cartoon graphics copyright of the respective studios "Buddy" ratings graphic edited from the poster "Swing, You Sinners" by Nico Colaleo and used here with his permission.

Chronological. Studio: Spumco.

Release Date : July 18, Stimpson J.

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