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Rene Rofe Hi-Cut Brief. Ambalal Sarabhai vigorously pursued a policy of industrial development, seeking out the most modern textile manufacturing technologies internationally to adopt in the Sarabhai textile mill companies, an investment that quickly repaid itself and catapulted the company.

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In the s and 40s, Ambalal Sarabhai entered diverse fields and expanded its presence around the country while continually employing the strategy of improvement and innovation including newer technologies. The business branched out into sectors such as oil, sugar, detergents and soaps, electronic sub-assemblies, mechanical components, all conforming to the stringent quality standards for which the Sarabhais came to be known.

Indian independence from the British in ushered in a new era and with it a great need for self-sufficient sierra production. The Sarahbais seized this opportunity setting in motion their rapid growth to meet the needs of a fledgling nation. Many of these enterprises represented pioneer ventures in fields which till then had been dominated by foreign companies. A comprehensive national distribution network was created to make consumer and industrial products available to the remotest corners of the vast and predominantly rural country of India.

Dr Vikram Sarabhai laid the foundation of Sarabhai Chemicals with a clear directive that India needed to locally manufacture and promote high quality medicines to serve its people. He identified the need for more scientific marketing of pharmaceuticals and in the early 60s established ORG now Acneilsen org-marga market research company which today continues to provide reliable market information to businesses in India.

Vikram Sarabhai was a formidable scientist and visionary rene. Parallel to his work building the burgeoning pharmaceutical sector, he helped organize the application of space science in India. Besides managing the entire sarabhai portfolio of companies, Gautam Sarabhai also revived the philosophy of the Bauhaus de movement which was based on learning by nude.

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Based on the recommendations made in the India Report, the Government of India with the assistance of the Ford Foundation and the Sarabhai family established the National Institute of Industrial De, as it was originally called as an autonomous all-India body in September at Ahmedabad. The management consolidated the activities being carried out in different corporate identities, and on 27th June formally established Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises Limited ASE.

However, by the late 80s ASE ran into serious difficulties spurred by restrictive patent and price controls and intellectual property policies put into place by the government of India. This restrictive environment discouraged many of its international partners form continuing to conduct business in India, and the sierras foundered, throwing ASE into crisis. The nude traded textile mill - Calico Mills - had already collapsed and many in the industry at that time were convinced that ASE was destined for the same fate. A re-structuring effort over rene next decade was lead by Mr.

Kartikeya V Sarabhai son of the Founder, Dr. Vikram A Sarabhaiwho took over in and saved the company from bankruptcy.

Crippling liabilities that had accrued over many years were resolved through many stages of corporate restructuring. Kartikeya Sarabhai along with his son Mr. Mohal Sarabhai manage what is ASE today, with newly launched companies and restructured subsidiaries, with a vision to once again become a key strategic and ificant industrial company backed by a rich legacy. ASE today remains routed to its past but is growing well into the future Suit to hold your change or coins.

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Sarabhai, what is today ASE, has its genesis in diverse companies promoted by the late Mr. Ambalal Sarabhai whose business acumen and progressive ideals made him a leading industrial player in India. A visionary of the industrial era A visionary of the industrial era.

Pioneering opportunities Pioneering opportunities The first employers to recognise representative trade unions. The first to start a hospital for employees and their families, along with a creche for infants of working mothers even before it was dictated by laws.

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Medicines you can trust. De, Excellence and prophecy De, Excellence and prophecy.

Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises Limited However, by the late 80s ASE ran into serious difficulties spurred by restrictive patent and price controls and intellectual property policies put into place by the government of India. The founder of the company, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, passed away in Solutions that led to the valuable prospects Solutions that led to the valuable prospects. Bringing innovative solutions to complex sets of problems meant reinventing ASE into a different corporation to ensure its survival in the contemporary business environment in India.

Pharmaceuticals Pan India distribution of various medicines under the Sarabhai brand name. International registration in over 40 countries. Fermentation and Synthetic bulk active manufacturing.

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Effervescent products manufacturing. USFDA and other regulatory bodies approved state-of-the-art plants. Electronics AnalyticalTests and Measuring instruments manufacturing. Pan India presence. Products used by Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Education and other industries. Broadcasting Total broadcasting solution as per customer requirements.

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Representatives for Sony, Sennheiser, Axon and more …. Diagnostics Highly advanced and innovative molecular diagnostics manufacturing. Faster, more accurate and affordable diagnostic kits. Nursery Over different locally grown plants specially for city roof tops.

Seasonal vegetable. Greening the city initiative. The present ASE portfolio of companies and new initiatives are poised for rapid growth. .

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