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Normally aabicus is the expert when it comes to nude mods and what works best, but frankly I think nude mods work very well in Skyrim. At least, some of them. But while installing a nude mod in Skyrim, there are caveats and things that can be improved. And how do we improve mods? With more mods, of course!


Dungeons are an essential component of gameplay. Many quests require the player to enter a dungeon and find a quest object within; this can be an item, monster, or NPC. If the player's objective is to kill the quest object, then this must be done as well. At the start of the game, only Common Cemeteries and Privateer's Hold are known to the player's character and visible on the fast travel map; all others must be discovered.

The process of finding a quest object in a dungeon is called dungeon crawlingsince the location of a quest object is determined randomly and, in most cases, it is necessary to thoroughly search the dungeon step-by-step.

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The only exceptions are objects in Main Quest dungeons, these quest items Skyrim statically defined and therefore always found in the same locations within their dungeons. BSAwhich are glued together to create the naked scene. Dungeons may have up to and including 22 of these blockssome of which have two passages connecting to other blocks in each of the four cardinal directions, hence the mating octopi term.

Regardless of its dimensions, all dungeons have only one entrance. Some dungeons like castles, keeps etc. Sometimes, a dungeon has also more than one exit. One such dungeon which has numerous entrances on the surface, and in addition numerous exits inside the dungeon, is Palace Sentinel.

The second exit can therefore not be used as an entrance. If a second exit exists, it is not visible on the map, thus it can only be found by exploring the dungeon. As stated above, a dungeon consists of up to 22 blocks : some of these the ones located in the center of the dungeon are connected to all four cardinally adjacent blockssince there are two connecting passages in each of the four cardinal directions, and thus there are eight paths leading out of each of these blocks.

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While most dungeons appear to be a random conglomerate of different modules, they were hard-coded in the release media and thus are never-changing. These were most likely generated via a pseudo-random program of some type, but Main Quest dungeons are an exception, because these were all hand-crafted.

While Main Quest dungeons may be the biggest dungeons in the game, it has been commented by some that even the least of the random dungeons are logically too large for the majority of quests. Dungeons are built from blocks by assembling them together side-by-side on a 2D grid. There are two types of blocks : internal and border.

Because Main Quest Dungeons are hand-crafted, the location of quest objects is always the same; hence, it is possible to follow a guide on how to find them. The remaining dungeons pose a more difficult challenge since the location of quest objects is determined randomly from the dungeon's list of quest locations, which vary depending on the dimensions of the dungeon and the modules used.

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One or more treasure piles can be found at every quest location, and the quest object will also be at one of these spots. Knowing this, the only way to find a quest object is to search the dungeon step by step.

This process is called Dungeon Crawling. The spot where a quest object is located will remain the same until the quest is over, so repeatedly exiting and re-entering a dungeon will not alter this location but will respawn all other monsters and treasure piles. The quest locations of a certain dungeon module are always the same, so if the player has explored a lot of dungeons during their adventures, they may remember where these locations are, thus making the exploration slightly easier.

The player can also use a Cheat to cycle through the various quest locations of a dungeon. Two types of dungeon maps are available within a dungeon.

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The dungeon overview map 2D gives an approximate two-dimensional overview of the dungeon's layout, with the player's location shown as a red square. The more detailed map 3D displays the player's location as a red arrow and shows details of the explored areas e. As the player explores the larger dungeons, the detailed map may become increasingly confusing, but the player can click on an area of the map to disable display of that area. When the player leaves a dungeon, all map information is lost; the map is reset to its initial, unexplored state. Upon nearing a dungeon location or when the player exits a dungeon, they will see these possible messages which indicate the type of dungeon it is.

BSA appears to be defined in four variations: one flooded denoted by W in the source material and three dry denoted N in the source material.

One model the double moats has only two flooded variations because the moats are never dry. Three models the stone arch bridge grotto, the tower of crossro, and the checker board cellar room never flood; they have only the usual three dry variations. The gaps in sequence for the specials are perfectly normal.

There are no special settings left uned. The specials usually provide a unique setting for the dungeon entrance and for the location of a quest object inside the dungeon. Jump to:search.

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The player can discover new dungeon locations in one of three ways: Exploring the wilderness, which can take several days with no guarantee of success. By reading dungeon maps, which can be: Found on the bodies of fallen enemies or as loot in treasure piles. Received as the reward for a completed quest almost exclusively for the Fighters Guild.

Received as a guild-promotion reward see Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood. Being told of their locations during the course of quests, which is the most common way. Category : Daggerfall-Places. Dragontail Mountains.

Glenumbra Moors. High Rock sea coast.

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Ilessan Hills. Isle of Balfiera. Orsinium Area. Wrothgarian Mountains. A crow caws in the distanct [ sic ]. Mantellan Crux. Stronghold of Orsinium. Palace Sentinel. Castle Wayrest. Castle Llugwych. Lysandus' Tomb. Castle Daggerfall.

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Privateer's Hold. The stone arch bridge grotto [1]. The stone arch bridge grotto, root teleporters [1]. The tower of crossro [1]. Flying H, zig-zag shaft [2].

Double spirals [3]. Pig sty [4]. Big barn [5]. Flooded flying H, zig-zag shaft [2]. Flooded double spirals [3]. Flooded pig sty [4].

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