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Dragonborn meets Ysolda during an adult Skyrim playthrough. Published: 09 Jun Tags: duringmeetsadultskyrimdragonbornplaythroughysolda.


I found out that she actually does sleep, but very rarely. I have only seen her once sleeping. I found out today that you can make Ysolda inherit the inn in whiterun by killing Hulda.

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Stabbed her in the back at night with Ysolda in the inn, and Ysolda ran around the counter and immediately took her place renting rooms etc. I just wanted to get people's experience. Is Ysolda's face or whole body for that matter a little greenish or darkish in color compared to your average nord woman?

I never noticed it before, then i saw a screenshot at another skyrim-centric website.

Please turn on and reload the .

And then after i married her i have a nude mod i noticed her face isn't quite the same color as her body. It could just be the mod, but then i remembered the screenshot i saw. I just removed the note about console commands that can be used to set Ysolda to be a follower. The console allows many things, and setting NPCs to function as followers is just one of them.

This is not specific to Ysolda, and so doesn't belong on this. Thought I'd clarify as I messed up with the edit and comment. That's all. There seems to be a problem when marrying ysolda.

Dragonborn meets ysolda during an adult skyrim playthrough.

Is there a way to use console commands so that Ysolda can become a merchant before you marry her or when you are married and living in her house? Does this mean if you marry her before the quest her dialogue before the quest is the same as if you found her in the shops, or if you marry her before it her dialogue afterwards is the same? Not sure where this came from, but Ysolda does sleep in Honeyside. I took this note out. I'm married to her and live in Honeyside, and she sleeps there less often than other houses, but she does sleep there.

I never had an option to marry Ysolda, I don't know why. I even approached her with a mammoth tusk I know that she wants one ysolda trust you but alas, no dialog option appeared neither for the mammoth tusk quest nor for marriage. Shouldn't this article mention the mammoth tusk s in the Skyrim chest outside her house? I took 2 tusks from there before I met her. It so happened that I left the Arcane Enchanter out the back door the first time I was naked, and explored that side of the city. Quest notes for patch 1.

Does this mean she is now essential always, or merely until she has played her part in that quest? One of you crazed murderers must know the answer. I've noticed either a possible bug in game, or a misleading "Note" on Ysolda's. On her it says that she "is essential until her part in A Night To Remember is completed," implying that once you have completed the quest, she will change to "unessential" status. On my game however, I completed that quest yet she is still unable to die.

This isn't really a problem, but I'm just wanting to clarify if this is a glitch or just a misleading statement. Afterwards, I go looking for her so that I can marry her, and she has just vanished! I decided to use the player.

Dragonborn meets ysolda during an adult skyrim playthrough. – porn gif videos

Thanks for any help. So I did everything needed to marry Ysolda and twice now Maramal just stares at me during the wedding. No idea why either. Haven't found a way to fix it. Doesn't work. Kinda pisses me off.

Dragonborn meets ysolda during an adult skyrim playthrough. – porn gif videos

Zargox bloodeye6 July UTC. I heard that if you steal from her from PM when she's sleeping, you can pickpocket Shrouded armor off of her. If true, how do I get her to go to bed? She just sits in The Bannered Mare and doesn't do anything. XD Does this mean she inherits everything in the inn as well?

Out of curiousity as it would be a nicer place for her to own than her house if she does?

Skyrim talk:ysolda

Darkcaptain3 talk3 September EDT. Belethor died during a vampire attack the other day. I went into his shop for the first time since then and Ysolda was running the counter, with her usual dialogue concerning the caravans plus the shopkeeper's buy option. I thought the assistant guy was supposed to take over? He's still around, still sweeping and chopping wood and whatnot. Anyone else have this happen to them? I don't think it's a bug, just an oddity.

I usually marry Ysolda, but this time after I say I do at the ceremony, maramal says he is giving us the rings, but I don't get one, then if I return to Ysolda, she talks as if we were un-married. I want to complete the side-quest where you bring a mammoth tusk to Ysolda, but I have no idea where to get get one other than killing Skyrim mammoth which I am too weak to do.

Please can somebody help me? So I married Ysolda, then I went back to Lakeview ysolda make sure I have all the stuff I need to have her move in, it's all there, but when I go back to Whiterun, the "I think we should live somewhere else or whatever" dialogue option isn't there. The store and the food are there, and I tried leaving and coming back, but that didn't do anything.

I killed ysolda before version 1. Does the patch make her come naked since she is essential? Also, is there any way to see what patch your are on on the PS3? I've found on 2 play-throughs that saving Ysolda's mammoth quest makes it disappear when your speech level gets above 50 or so. I made sure nothing was "boosting" speech.

Also, and sorry for the edits to this The quest in the second play-through is still showing as active in the Misc Section of the Quest. Philbert talk7 February GMT. As per title. I married her and I asked her to move to Lakeview, that is only a cottage in this early phase. I mean, not wandering somewhere else, but really disappears: to find her, I used console with string player.

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So after teleported there, since there is no land, I'm continuously falling in the nothing, and Ysolda is not there. So I tried to use prid a69a and moveto player in Lakeview, and she will appear as normal. But if I go outside and suddenly re-enter the house, she disappears again.

She can sleep in the double bed, but is not giving the lover's comfort. What else can I do? I'm wondering if there is a bug in the "Lakeview Cottage" that triggers this behaviour, even if it is fully-furnished bed, cooking pot, chests, all built. I will try to build and upgrade the full manor. This is the first time that I marry before building all the wings of the manor; before I never had this bug but this is also the first time that I marry Ysolda.

Thank you for any help. Jump to:search.

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