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  • Senegalese
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An ever-evolving lineup of players, friends, and collaborators. Elements of the live show include: laughter, choir vocals, xylophone, saxophone, kazoo, television, slide whistle, vomiting blue dye, a naked body, a rotting suit, guitar, bass, drums, tambourine, ruby red slippers, violent shifts in genre and speed, a make-believe maestro, and a set that does not stop moving once it has started. Willow is a girl, who existed inside of a strip club in Inglewood, who ran away to the desert to hustle pool with a lion, and who burned herself alive for my freedom.


After the Sloppy Jane show at Elsewhere a couple of week ago, I had the desire to talk with Haley Dahl, the front woman, without blue paint and with clothes on. A nice moment sharing about music, creation, faith, politics. Creatively, the process is ever-changing. I like to write music in whatever way teaches me the most.

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I feel so lucky. At Elsewhere it was 11 people on stage, is that the regular formation? We had 11 people at the Elsewhere show and the one at The Glove the following night actually 12 if you count when our friend Johnny Smackdown who jumped on stage with his saxophone. We needed them all because we were doing a surprise play in the middle of the set—the more, the merrier though.

If you want to be in this band all you have to do is show up to practice we practice, on average, four times a week in different ways and I promise there will be something for you to do. I was born in NYC and lived here as a little kid and came back here in winters and summers growing up. The music community is too invested in the idea of having a product and very few people who make music actually enjoy making music.

Mourn played knitting factory with (very nsfw) sloppy jane (pics)

Of course there are exceptions, and the people I love and have worked with closely there are the people I hold the closest to my heart and admire very much. The all-ages scene is very cool there, a lot of very young kids throwing packed shows and tearing each other apart. I love it. Ideally, I want people who are invested in the arc of this project and who are rooting for it to get more and more complex.

Do you think or feel that the politic context influences your music, your creativity or how your music is received? Having that guy elected re-affirmed my need to build myself and whoever is watching a very cool place to go where none of that garbage is even relevant.

The music and visuals are strictly apolitical, though. We are a wonderland. In the same way, how does the city influence your creativity?

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I am so constantly inspired by this place. Everyone has something extremely valuable to say. Every time I go out and see people play music, I scream and run home and try to make what I do better.

If we can all agree to try to one-up each-other forever, we are going to change the world. Those things probably fall under the umbrella that the punk genre rains on. There is a lot of sonic and visual wretchedness, but it serves a purpose. I am a concrete egg and I throw myself over and over again against the ground and the walls and then eventually I shatter everywhere and yolk spills out and the yolk represents beauty and love and sadness and all of those things that remind us we are alive.

Mourn played knitting factory with (very nsfw) sloppy jane (pics)

We are numb to them, and when we hear people say them we think someone is lying and selling us a used car. How do you prepare for shows?

Do you mostly improvise? There are moments of improvisation in our sets that are earned by hours and hours of rehearsal. Like I said earlier, we practice at least 4 times a week sometimes just rhythm section, sometimes just vocals, but always something!

The more we practice, the more we all understand what it is that we are doing, and the more we understand what we are doing, the better we are at making stuff up on the spot. There are no breaks in our live set, even if things get screwed up, that is how we practice as well. We play through the entire set without any pauses and then I give notes on the entire thing, including how hiccups were handled. Then we begin again!

Sloppy jane

Last show you guys did a sort of play about the nativity, what is your relationship with the bible and more generally with the religion? I just love to hear an organ and a choir and to look through stained glass and think about eternity.

I want to be a good man, I want to go to Heaven.

There were ten people trying to sing backwards in my tiny bedroom and we were all laughing. When you start defining yourself, you are finished.

An interview with sloppy jane and photos from secret project robot (january 28, )

It is all over. All society and internet culture want is for us to be putting ourself in boxes. We are being bred to demand polarization of ourselves and of everyone around us, and it IS so that your targeted will be more specific. I resent the idea that being born into a body obligates me to care and fight for an entire group of people with my words and with my work. You are one of the good ones!

Sloppy jane

A little kid fighting for the right to do whatever dumb thing I feel like. If I do it first, maybe one other person will. If you are at one of our shows and want to do something, do it. If you touch the stove, it will burn you, I know, because I check every single day to make sure it is a fact.

Last question here, what is your obsession right now in term of music? Is there a current band that you really like or who inspire you?

Less obvious for me maybe? Also probably literally everything else. All music has something to teach you if you keep an open mind.

Interview: haley dahl of sloppy jane

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How was Sloppy Jane born? Would you define your band as punk? Would you define yourself as a feminist? I like a wide range of things, they are all big and strange. Article.

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The band didn't tour anywhere behind their sophomore LP Ha, Ha, He , due to some legal issues with their former Spanish label, but are making up for lost time now and this week released a new EP of covers, Over the Wall.


She started the band watching MTV and thought she wanted to be a rock star.


An ever-evolving lineup of players, friends, and collaborators.


Dahl is the year-old frontwoman, bandleader, and conductor of the Brooklyn-based piece avant-rock act called Sloppy Jane.