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And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?


Being a marksman is nothing new in the Marvel Universe.

Emerging from a lake

Pretty much every character is a crack shot, from Captain America and Hawkeye, to the likes of Deadpool and Taskmaster. Being deadly accurate just comes naturally with being super. Marvel's growing rogues gallery, in particular, is filled with every kind of marksman imaginable, from evil Robin Hoods to elite sharpshooters. Perhaps one of the least known — but most experienced — is Bullseye, quite possibly Marvel's very own Floyd Lawton.

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Rumors have abounded since that actor Wilson Bethel will be playing Bullseye in the third season of Marvel's Daredevil. Bethel was eventually bumped up to series regular, further fueling fan speculation.

For months, no one had stepped forward to confirm anything — until today. Bethel and actor Charlie Cox's personal trainer, Naqam Washington, recently shared a photo with both men following a particularly strenuous workout.

He praised both for their hard work and used the tags "Bullseye" and "Daredevil" in his caption, referring to Bethel and Cox, respectively. Washington's unlikely Instagram post may have finally ended all fan speculation regarding Bethel's role in the series.

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In the comics, Lester, or Bullseye, developed a unique obsession with Daredevil after the blind crimefighter foiled several of his hits and extortion schemes, ruining what would have been a perfect career. He was later hired to take out Matt Murdock himself — Daredevil's lawyering alter-ego — but failed when he was intercepted by the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, armed with his spandex tights and deadly billy club.

Humiliated, and with his record tarnished, Bullseye swore to get in Daredevil's way forever, from the comics and all the way up to his Netflix show, apparently. Bullseye is hardly superhuman or enhanced, but his eyes rival the likes of Hawkeye, Gambit, and the Winter Soldier. One might even say he's better than all of them combined. After all, sharpshooting is Bullseye's thing, much like laughing is The Joker's.

He was played in 's Daredevil by Colin Farrell. Season 3 of Marvel's Daredevil is currently in post-production.

It wrapped up shooting last June and is scheduled to premiere on Netflix sometime this year. Fed with a nitrous, yet tender, mix of softcore violence and existentially damaging films growing up, Dylan has always been a bit of an oddball, and proud of it. While the other kids were playing tag, she was sneaking into her uncle's room and reading about how Bane destroyed Batman in Knightfall, or the first time she's ever seen Juggernaut without his helmet.

She'd sit on the edge of the bed while her grandmother dusted through the room, wondering why Ghost Rider just had to have a flaming skull, or why Doctor Manhattan just had to be both blue and fabulously naked. While her fellow History majors were bumping their he together writing journal articles and visiting national archives, Dylan was writing psychological horror, romantic drama, and contemporary fiction, asking herself for the HUNDREDTH time why we haven't met any Vulcans yet, or created any spaceships that could make Interstellar seem like less of a nightmare.

When not writing, Dylan can be found quietly Googling two-legged cats, watching 21st century Vikings screaming profanities at a computer screen, and blubbering over Alaska Youngs and Holden Caulfields with dried fish and French fries in one hand, and six-thirds a cheesecake in the other. That's assuming she's not pulling pranks on unsuspecting loved ones, or wishing to god Alan Moore was right and Constantine is real, and magic does exist. Now, if you're still here after all of that, maybe it wouldn't hurt to give Dylan's Twitter a look?

She's on there as dylanbalde, which sounds totally not weird, but shhh, that's the whole point. Her Instagram barely covers everything up, though, and she's on there as dylantagnan.

‘hart of dixie’: rachel bilson once pranked a co-star with a cold sore after on-screen kiss

If you message her right now, she will tell you she is falling asleep, but really, she's maniacally awake and will be till the break of dawn. Not proud of this one, but she's just that kind of writer. By Dylan Balde Published Aug 05, Share Share Tweet 0.

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